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    We are loving the first book, and I plan to read aloud the next three books, but I am confused on their chronological order.  I read that Downtown is a prequel to Uptown, although published afterwards.  The other book is More All of a Kind Family.  We love the stories, but I do skip a few disrespectful comments by Henny as I read aloud.  Can someone please tell me the best order to read these four books?  Thanks!


    I have only read the first one, and we did enjoy it.

    I tend to read books in written order even if they are out of order chronologically, for example the Chronicals of Narnia, the written order is not the chronological order. Either way works, I prefer written order but neither order is right or wrong. 🙂

    Written order would be: All of a Kind, More All of a Kind, Uptown, Downtown

    Looks like Chronologically it is: All of a Kind, Downtown, More all of a Kind, Uptown


    Thanks!  We plan to read them in chronological order.   That makes the most sense to us.  I’m sure they are enjoyable either way.  Each chapter seems like it could be an independent short story.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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