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    I am seriously contemplating a switch to Rays, but I am afraid ds will not be where he needs to be. Looking through the books I feel like it is so thorough and I think it will be a good fit for him. My concern is we are coming off MUS, we are only halfway through Epsilon and he is about to be in 8th grade. I want to be ok with that, you can only move as fast as you can move right. The problem is I feel we should work through the Rays Practical (5/6 grade) because he hasnt covered most of the topics and those he has covered could use a little review. But that means he is in Rays Higher Math in 9th grade. What would I call that on a transcript. I was expecting Pre Algebra in 9th with MUS. But at least pre algebra seems respectable on a transcript, not so sure about “higher math”. I could maybe call it consumer math or practical math, it certainly is practical. Could I then skip pre algebra after the Rays higher math? Go right into Algebra 1? I have heard pre algebra is not really necessary. Anybody have any ideas? Should I just stay with MUS? He gets through it, but I am not sure any of it is really making its way into him, if that makes any sense. Am I doing him a disservice putting him in the lower level? HELP




    I’m thinking about the same thing for my son going into 9th grade. He and his sister (one year older) both did MUS Pre-Algebra this last year, and she’s totally fine going into MUS Algebra. But the concepts didn’t become part of my son the way they did for my daughter. I would love to use Ray’s with him, because it fits his personality so much better. I/you could just call it Pre-Algebra because it certainly would prepare them for Algebra. Or just higher math. My older two kids got into college without showing a transcript, but I guess some colleges want to see one. I’m sure they are used to seeing creative names for classes especially from homeschooled students.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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