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    Has anyone used Ray’s Arithmetic?

    If so, did you like it?  Was it complete?

    I’m kind of intrigued by a K-12 program for $60.


    I have been using it and found it good. We had a lot of math struggles with our train wreck of math curriculums in the dust. I would recommend the Mathmatics book and DVD set from SCM here, as a teaching tool for you to use in conjunction with it. We have only used the first 2 books but am hunting down the algebra books now.


    I’m going through the SCM DVD set as well and am learning so much!

    I picked up the first Ray’s book and am planning to use it for oral problems with all of my DC.  My 8yo just went through one of the lessons this week.  I think Ray’s along with the SCM’s DVD set could be a great program.  There isn’t much teaching information with Ray’s, but the SCM math DVD has lots of ideas for how to actually teach math lessons.


    I just ordered SCM’s math DVD and book.  Can’t wait to get it!  We have used Math U See, which is good, but a little unaffordable for us.  We have also used Christian Light, which is good and affordable, but seems to drag on and get a little dry.  And now we’re using Saxon math, which I’m renting from my daughter’s co-op and it’s too easy for her so she is a little sloppy through it, plus it’s expensive.  I’d like to get something that we can stick with and use for a while so I don’t keep switching things up.  I’m hoping the SCM and Rays will be a good fit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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