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  • I am new to Charlotte Mason style teaching. I am trying it this year for a more gentle approach to learning. Has anyone used Ray’s Arithmatic? If yes, Could you give me an idea how to place my kids. I have an third, fourth, and sixth grader. We have used Math U See, Horizon’s Math, and Saxon. I know I should stay with one thing and stick with it. They just seem to hate math. All the wiritng especially.

    Alicia Hart

    I don’t know hardly anything about Ray’s. We have used Math-U-See for the past 5 yrs or so, but here are some things I thought might be helpful:

    Is there some sort of placement test that Ray’s Arithmetic offers?

    Or could you just have your kids do the tests for each level and if they pass a test for a certain level, then go to the next level’s test,etc. Maybe you could consider passing 95% or above.



    I had seriously looked at using Ray’s with my 1st grader, but decided to go with MEP math, also free online. There is a Parent-Teacher Guide to Ray’s by Ruth Beechick. It is supposed to help you go about teaching it, what to do on which days, etc. It might help you with placement as she gives a scope and sequence for each grade. I have only looked at what I could of the book online though. Hope this helps :).


    Hi Stephanie,

    I’m currently in the airport but want to address your questions at least briefly.

    If you haven’t yet, please visit to see my post on writing and math. When writing is laborious it overshadows what is truly important in the math lesson – this is one of the reasons CM’s arithmetic lessons were largely oral. We can correlate it to CM’s use of oral narration vice written composition in the early years.

    I can’t recall if the teacher’s guide has the scope and sequence for each year or not. That would certainly help with placement but a review of earlier concepts, this time incorporating CMs methods would not be a bad thing. It would go quickly and cement the foundation.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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