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    Hey Peeps 🙂

    Who has read the Ralph Moody books & could tell me what kind of “coarse language” they have in their books? I’m interested in reading those but wondering if it’s a good idea with the language or not…?


    We have read and loved them all. In fact, we are reading them out loud right now with our kids, the oldest is 9 and loves cowboys and horses. That being said, I am doing the reading and editing a bit. The first couple of books have the most “coarse” language, because it’s the cowboys and ranchers who are using it. There are one or 2 curse words, “h**l, d**n, but nothing worse. They may say “omg” or even with “gosh” , which we aren’t okay with. But I just edit those parts. I wouldn’t hand it over to my kids at this point, but the books are SO SO good that I don’t mind those few places. There is also one paragraph I skipped entirely in the first (?) book that deals with some men joking about Ralph and a girl uhhhh…..”getting frisky”, even though they actually weren’t. But it wasn’t appropriate for our kids’ ages and we weren’t prepared to explain that! For what it’s worth, we are Christians & my husband is a conservative Baptist pastor, so I’d say we try to be pretty careful about those things. But the books are worth a little on the fly editing if necessary 🙂


    I have 4 kids – dd17, ds14, dd11, and ds8.  We have the books and the audiobooks.  Hands down this series is in our top three (EB White’s Trumpet of the Swan is number one.). We’re revisiting the books with ds8 because he doesn’t remember them all

    Were conservative Christians, too, but I honestly don’t stress over my kids hearing a swear word in a book or even occasionally on tv or a movie.  They hear that out in life at Target or a restaurant.  We simply discuss why we don’t use the words and move on.  Most times they simply ignore it and enjoy the story. Honestly, I’m more bothered by hearing the preponderance poor communication skills and the misuse of like than I am an occasional swear word in public, books, or tv.  Just my two cents.


    Also, to chime in.  We just finished book 3, and I also simply did editing on the fly while reading.  There is such a beautiful work ethic, respect,  and obedience to elders, that the few shady things are forgotten while you’re reading.  My children asked if I thought Ralph was saved, because there is little to no reference to any Godly behavior, ie church, prayers at home.  I said it wasn’t for us to judge, but I feel it’s a 1950’s look at life and there isn’t much religious if any reference.  Since we live on a farm, we share some parallels.  Mother though valued great lit and recitations with her children.



    We have been reading through this series this year and have absolutely LOVED it! The first book is the worst with the language, but I was reading it out loud and it was easy to edit. Even if my son (11 yo) was reading it himself, I would let him because I feel these books are of such great character shaping value. I really can’t imagine a better book series to read to a 8-14 yr old boy in particular. I was reading this to my 7 yo daughter as well and she also loved them.

    As far as whether they are Christian, I always assumed they were. There isn’t a lot of reference to God, but there is talk of reading the Bible and of going to church (especially in Mary Emma and Company) and the mother talks of God divinely leading her to a job opportunity to help their family.

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