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    If I purchase the History study, Enrichment study, and Grade 2 Individual study lessons and I buy all the books it says… Do i split all that between grade 2 and 3? Or do all of it this year and next again? Obviously i purchase different individual studies each year but do i just keep rereading the same books or read them slowly where they last the entire age/grade group? I hope this makes sense.


    I’ve decided on purchasing books rather than borrowing because I have 3 more babies who i will be homeschooling in the next few years.

    I and currently schooling my 5 year old and i have a 2 year old daughter a 1 year old son and a daughter on the way 🙂 so i would like to use these supplies and have a nice family book collection.


    The guides are designed to be a one year study. So you would purchase a new enrichment guide and history guide each year. Of course you could take it slower and make it last two years, but you wouldn’t read the same set of books two years in a row. Unless you just really wanted to. When you repeat the history study after the six year cycle you will read the family selections again, but your children will be in a new age range. I think the enrichment studies are meant to be done only once. I hope that answers your question.


    If I read that correctly, you are schooling a 5  year old- right;
    Out of curiosity, may I ask why you bought the Grade 2 study and not Grade 1?
    I assume that you have gone through the learning library for the how to teach Charlotte Mason style using the SCM resources. I am a 8th year homeschooler and just moved to a full Charlotte Mason schooler in the last 3 years and I keep learning more 🙂

    To answer your book question, you will get new books for each year of history and you can use the science guides over and over if you want for nature study, or use those two years in a row and then use something new- or do Birds one year, Insects one year, Outdoor secrets etc.

    When your younger kids hit the “school age” of 6ish they can join in with the lessons as a family and only need their own math and language so those books will be bought for each kid, but the history and science (up up middle school) can all be read together.

    I do buy most of our books for the year but I also get a few at the library because we only read them for a week. Biographies we buy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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