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    I am wondering if the scm history is too much for young students.  I used Gen.-Duet. this year with my 1st grader, and Ancient Egypt and her Neighbors was over his head.  He enjoyed Boy of Pyramids and the Bible.  I love the idea of studying history in chronological order, but I am not wondering if the Story of the Greeks will be too much for my son next year.  I am considering doing a year of American History as that seems like it would be easier to find living books at his level.  Any advice?  I would rather do Joshua through Malachi, but I want to have good books to read that my son will understand.

    Sonya Shafer

    Feel free to tweak the suggestions to fit your family best, Grace. If you would prefer to go on to the Joshua through Malachi & Ancient Greece study, you might read the sample of The Story of the Greeks over at Nothing New Press. If you decide from the sample that that book would not be a good fit for your son, feel free to leave it out. Just read the Our Little Spartan Cousin and Our Little Athenian Cousin books this time. Then when he is older and you come around to this study again, you can add the Story of the Greeks at that point.


    I agree you can leave out what seems a bit over their head, because it will be repeated.

    That said… I really like guides 4, 5 & 6 (Ref & Renaissance, Early American/World & Modern American/World) when the kids are younger. I feel like there are more books for younger kids in those guides and my kids really enjoyed them even in the younger years like Kinder (listening in) and 1st. But I actually don’t mind that some of the books from Ancients and Greece were a bit over their head because I was able to combine Ancients, Greece & Rome because we read a select few of the books and skipped others, so for us it worked out great. I am not sure what we will do the next time we cycle through; but I really like the SCM gives the framework and we can adjust to fit our family as needed.

    And don’t feel “locked in” if you think another time period would fit better go for it 🙂 I thought I “had” to do it in perfect order, but I don’t and the kids are making connections and since we will repeat it will be covered at some point 🙂


    We used the first 2/3 or so of The Story of the World (Volume I) for Ancients this year and really enjoyed it.  The stories are more bite-sized.  I’m sure some would argue this isn’t a living book, but I found it the best option for my 6-year-old.  I continued with the SCM Bible and Geography schedule and have loved those!


    Thanks for all the advice.  I’m going to continue to the second module,  but leave out the Story of the Greeks.

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