Question about independence for 9th grade duaghter with learning disabilty

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    I have posted numerous times about my daughter, now 15, who has moderate learning disabilities in language and math. She has dyslexia, so is not reading much on her own. She has some language processing difficulties as well. I want her to become more independent, but because she does not read much, she is not doing much work on her own. I know I had started a thread a year or more ago on the idea of independence, and I was reading through that again. I am just reaching out for some other ideas to help her become more independent and I have a specific question about something we are doing.

    We are using the AIG Human Body book for some science. Those familiar with it know there is a beginner reading section and a section for older students with more information. I have just been reading the older section to her and doing activities. I began thinking that maybe I should let her read the beginner section herself, so she can do something independently. But, I want her to get more information, so I could go ahead and read the older section. She is capable of understanding much of the info in the older reading section, so she definitely needs more than the beginner.  I am just trying to find ways for her to be able to work without me all the time. Any thoughts on this science?

    I am trying to decide what to do next year that could allow her more independence. Sometimes I think for history and science I should just let her read easy library books and do a written narration about them. But, I know she can handle more info than what is given in easy books. But, I don’t want to have to read everything to her myself. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    Have you tried audiobooks? You could have her read along in a hardcopy of the book so that she is also practicing her reading skills to the best of her ability.

    Your plan for AIG science sounds good! You could assign her easier reading for her history and have her use the audiobooks for harder literature so that she is exposed to more advanced classics. It sounds like a good balance. Some easier and harder material from science, keep it easy with history and challenge her a bit with literature. This could free you up for part of science and all of history and literature, except for listening to narrations and grading work of course.

    Just bouncing some ideas around as I don’t have any real experience in this issue. Hope others will chime in and you can glean some ideas that might help!


    Thank you, Melanie.

    Audiobooks have been coming to mind lately. I am familiar with Librovox. I know there are other websites that offer free audiobooks. I will search for them, but if anyone can give me links, that would be great.

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