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    I’ve choosen LL for the elementaty child for my son going into grade five.  I think this will be a good approach for him as he has already had some grammar training in PS, just needs to reinforce, and I think it will be light enough where he will be adjusting to homeschooling and doing things much differntly than in PS. 

    I’m stumped as to where to put my 7 year-old ds.  While he is technically going into 2nd grade, reading is not a challenge for him (he reads very fluently with excellent expression, and well about grade level).  I do not think they’ve had much more than the basics in grade 1 at PS: capitialization, punctuation, types of sentences, etc.  but he grasps language use very easily (a few times he brought assignments home from school in which he had changed the grammar in a sentence to agree with his answer — for example if they were asked to count how many of each colour smarties were in a box and record which colour they had the most of he would change it to say ‘colours” if there were two with equal number.  He has also crossed out words to make a question more to his preference — which I thought was rather interesting but didn’t seem to impress his teacher.  He also has great natural spelling abilities.) I am wondering if LL for the Very Young will be too basic for him, or if the first is a prerequisite to the second. 

    Any suggestions? 


    Although I like queens LL, my dd was bored 🙁 She felt it moved too slowly and she wanted to do more. You can look at sample pages of the levels on their site and decide for yourself. We have had a grammar ‘hiatus’ for the last year and a bit after finishing Intermediate LL Books. Now entering grade 7 my dd spells on grade level, reads way above it, and still doesn’t like grammar 🙂

    We are going with a book called Grammar for Middle School. It is a sentence approach and uses excerpts from great literature to teach the concepts. I like it, she likes the look of it ( mostly because its skinny!) and I think it will work great. They have an elementary level and a high school level and you can get them through Amazon. I got mine from Hewitt. On Amazon I think you can look inside the book. Just a suggestion.



    HA HA! We just were talking about these on The Whole Shebang thread. You can read up on some opinions there. From what I understand. You could get your son in on any level and they are not dependent on each other. You just need to find where he is at and start him in. DD9 (gr4) is doing LLfor the Elem. Child, and DS6 (gr2) is going to do LLfor the Very Young. It’s based on where they are at.

    We enjoy the variety in them. I let them work ahead if they want to in any of their subjects. I love the colour artworks for picture study. They do poetry as well, like Fisrt Language lessons… see the other thread, you’ll see.


    cedargirl, thanks for the tip.  Our two boys are fairly evenly matched in ability in terms of Language Arts, although the younger has been exposed to less technical jargon in two years of PS. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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