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  • I’m looking at buying Math Mammoth, particularly with the group sale, and thinking ahead to printing. We do have a laser printer, which is obviously much more economical than an inkjet in terms of ink, but I’m wondering if anyone who uses it just prints their own pages or has a service do them. What do you spend on a year’s worth of MM pages? Do you just keep the pages loose or put them in a 3-ring binder or get a year’s worth spiral-bound? I’m wondering if I printed every page in advance if that would be overkill, or if the kids usually do them all. Any suggestions on the daily ins and outs of this program?


    Rachel White

    From what I’ve done so far, I print out the book and put it in a 3-prong folder. If it’s bigger then a small 3-ring binder. I print on front and back and generally use the color option on fast draft, instead of black and white. It’s the only thing I print out in color. I save/back-up the book on a hard CD disk, too; just in case. I have my dd do them all, she needs the practice.

    I haven’t used it long enough to determine MM’s effect on printing costs; I print out many things as it is and I buy a new black ink cartridge about every month and a half to two months.



    I have been printing math mammoth pages for a while – and I too am considering buying from the sale.  I have been printing off a section at a time, in color with the draft setting turned on.  I will just print off the whole book if I use this again, though, because even if we don’t do every problem, we do some on each page.  I am still trying to get a feel for how much ink I am using with this new color inkjet printer I have.

    I do have a laser printer also – but it has no color, and the fractions book my daughter has been using relies on color for a lot of the meaning.  I am not sure it would come through was well in b&w.


    We have an inkjet printer.  I printed out the whole fractions book my son used because I knew he would use it all.  My 8yo is doing the Telling Time book but I only print out a weeks/months worth at a time because it would overwhelm him and we don’t use it all the time.  I have a binder for each of my kids for these type of ebooks/geography pages/copywork/grammar, etc. (they’re separated with labeled tabs for each subject).  I just hole punched them and put them behind their labeled tab.

    Don’t know if that helps.


    I print MM in black and white on draft and only one side of the paper.  I’ll print a book and put it in a 1-inch 3-ring binder for each of my 3 daughters, then print the answer section and put that in a “teachers” MM binder for myself, with dividers to keep them separate.  When the girls finish a page they take it from the front of the binder and move it to the back behind a divider – so the work to be done is always at the front and they can tell by the divider how close they are to finishing the book.

    Because I print so much stuff, not just MM, I really can’t say what the cost is but it seems to me that I can print a whole lof of MM from one cartridge.  My girls don’t mind the pages being in black and white.  I will occasionally print a page in color if I think it’s important. 

    Thank you for all the feedback on this! It is so helpful to hear what others are doing. You ladies are great!


    I use the econoly setting on our printer I usually print enough pages for each week so that if Dd has mastered a concept I am not printing pages we don’t use.

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