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    My son is 9 and we have not started any formal cursive instruction, so I bought Print to Cursive Proverbs to start with him. I also got Using Language Well and Spelling Wisdom 1, and now that I’m looking at it all I’m wondering whether it’s too much ‘Language Arts’ to do at the same time. Any thoughts on how these are supposed to fit into the schedule together?


    I don’t think it’s too much at all.  I like to do copywork 3 days per week and dictation twice a week.  For example, you could have SW/ULW on Mondays and Thursdays and Print to Cursive Proverbs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    We spend 5-10 minutes on copywork (including the time it takes to gather books and pens) and 10 minutes on dictation.  I haven’t used ULW, but looking at the samples, I’d say it will take another 5-10 minutes tops.


    It depends 🙂
    are you going to do SW and ULW twice/week?
    Part 1 of SW & ULW uses the passage as transcription/copy work. So that would be two days of copy work.
    If you add in print to cursive just make sure not to add in on the same days.
    We start cursive in kinder but for my kids once they learned letter formations they went to writing in cursive pretty smoothly


    Okay, so that makes sense. Do one OR the other on any given day.

    I was thinking a single lesson from SW would take more than one day — maybe a day or two of transcribing the passage and another day to do the dictation.


    The first half of ULW book 1 is just transcription using the SW passages. Dictation starts in the second half of ULW. It is suggested twice a week and you do a different passage each time, at least for the first half (we haven’t started the second half quite yet).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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