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    Has anyone used Principles of Mathematics from Master Books? We are not a math-y family and are very far behind. Does anyone have experience with this particular math program? Or, recommendations for a way to get caught up quickly? We need to get through pre-algebra asap.


    My son wasn’t strong in math but he skipped pre Algebra and went straight into Jacob’s algebra with no problem….I do sit with him but just love the approach. Tobe clear we use the old edition…I’m not sure what the new one is like, and the old one is easy to pick up cheaply


    Someone in our Co-op used it and my son occasionally helped him. My son was vey un-impressed. (He was doing Saxon 7/8 at the time.) His words are that it “seemed unadvanced.”  I always want to love MB’s curriculum but always end up hating it (and when I like the books, my kids don’t).

    I would use Life of Fred if you need to catch up. 🙂


    We have used it and really loved it, I wouldn’t say it’s a catch up curriculum though. However, I would think you’d be better served in the long run by just a steady pace thru prealgebra bc it will just build from there! In that case I do think it’s a good option for a sturdier foundation. I wonder if you could build some math games in for reinforcement as you keep going- like right start math games or something like that?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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