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    Has anyone ever used EFTTC 2 for 4th grade? I’ve used it with a 3rd grader, and then moved on to ILL, and two of my other guys have done PLL followed by ILL. My youngest completed PLL but I’m not sure if he’s ready for ILL and was considering EFTTC 2 for him, but am wondering if it’s enough.


    We have used both, and both are very similar. 

    We used the Language Lessons for the Very Young, and LL for LIttle ones with my oldest dh. Then he did EFTTC when he was a bit older. That was when I believed I HAD to “do” language arts with my little children. 

    Looking back, I don’t think it was harmful, but I also don’t think it was necessary. At all. Charlotte Mason set me free on the grammar thing when I learned that grammar is a finite body of knowledge that can be taught all at once, when a child is much, much older. 

    We started Excellence in Writing for dd at age 11…and really I think age 12 is good for most kids…and he has blossomed into this confident writer who knows exactly what an adverb is, and how to use it. I don’t think the early stuff we did had much do do with it though. 

    Sentence mechanics can be picked up quite easily with copy work and reading. 

    However, I think if you are going to do a grammar/language arts “program” with your little ones (and by little, I mean under age 11) both the Queen materials and EFTTC are very nice. 

    That said, we have enjoyed the Queen copywork books very much. It is so nice not to have to create copywork out of thin air every day. 🙂 


    What a wonderful point you have made in your post Shawnab. I tend to stress out over decisions like this way too much. Thanks for the words of encouragement here.


    Shawnab-I just breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I’ve heard it before, but I needed to hear it again.  DD10 is going to be pretty excited when she finds out she is getting a break from grammar this year!  🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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