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    This weekend my friend Heather, who co-leads a CM co-op and a CM book discussion with me, and I are taking 11 ladies on a retreat. We’re calling it A Time Apart. It’s simply a time to unplug, leave the kids at home, relax and enjoy fellowship and prayer time together.

    We are staying at a lovely house on a private 10 acre island in Georgia. Our original camp accommodations fell through and I was able to snag a wonderful deal on this house for our small group. We have NO agenda other than morning and evening devotional and prayer times. Some moms will share a favorite handicraft, we have kayaks, a hot tub, games, Tim Hawkins DVD, and nature. It should be a wonderful, relaxing time to recharge. We leave Fri afternoon and return Sun afternoon.

    My specific requests:

    – traveling mercies

    – husbands and kids at home

    – God’s loving presence to be felt by the ladies

    – open fellowship

    – rest for all the moms

    – that God would grow each of us, meeting us each in a very real manner

    – God’s wisdom and grace for each of the ladies leading a devotional time

    We’re all looking forward to it. I just want to bathe the entire weekend in prayer.

    Thank you,




    I will be praying for you all.  I hope each of you has a very blessed time individually and as a group.



    I admit I’m jealous! Sounds like a wonderful time of togetherness, worthy of praise indeed.

    Prayers of joy to you and your friends!


    I’m very jeleous… the “Y’s Women’s Retreat” weekend that I was all registered for fell through because of a lack of interest.  I was so looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.  

    I love my kids – but it would just feel so nice to be missing them – and then coming home to them… if you know what I mean.


    I’m jealous, too, but will lift you and your friends up in prayer. Have a wonderfully, rejuvinating time.

    BTW, love Tim Hawkins…..


    What a blessing for everyone involved! I will be praying for all of you and your requests.



    blue j

    Christie, I am praying for all that you requested. 

    I’m inspired by you, and would love to hear how things went, in detail if you have the time, so that I can mull over options like this for my small group of ladies.  We’ve often joked a bit about taking a nice long weekend – preferably where there’s a beach – to sit in the sun and sand and plan our year in a relaxed manner.  This type of retreat would be a lovely idea.




    Thank you, ladies, for praying. Our retreat, A Time Apart, was absolutely perfect in every way. We rested, enjoyed one another and the beauty of God’s creation, and had NO agenda other than morning and evening devotions. It was perfect. Now, I am already noodling over the location for our next one. 


    I’m so glad you all had a wonderful time!  Such a blessing!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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