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    If you all could please life up our preacher and his wife. They were out of town this week to spend the final days with their daughter as she has cancer and is expected to pass away anytime. Yesterday they received a frantic phone call from their seven year old grandson back home saying that his mom (our preacher’s other daughter) is laying on the floor with her eyes open but won’t talk to me. We still don’t know for sure what happened. She had balancing issues so she may had fallen and hit her head. We aren’t sure yet. To make a long story short she passed away and leaving her 7 year old son behind. She was a single mom and this child’s world. He was already going through some serious issues before this and I can’t imagine what he is thinking now.  On top of all this our preacher is wating for the phone call that their other daughter has passed away. They also have a seven month old grandson who is on a breathing tube and has to be monitored 24 hours a day. Any prayers for this family is greatly appreicated as they are greatly struggling right now.

    What a heartbreaking thing, I am lifting them in prayer and will continue to do so…I am so very sorry.

    Alana Adams



    Mama to 7


    Prayers! Such terrible tragedy.


    I am in shock. I just prayed and will continute. Please keep us posted. Your sisters in Christ do truly care. As Christians we are all in one family.

    I am so sorry to learn this and how tragic life can be on earth.


    How terribly sad to have so much tragedy at once in this poor family.  Praying for them….  Gina


    Oh dear! We will be praying here.



    Praying for the family…..


    Praying right now…


    We will pray for this family, as well. I’m so sorry to hear of such struggles for one family.


    This is so sad… we are praying here in TN, I lost my mother two weeks ago but to loose two daughters… praying for strength and comfort in this trying time for them!  We will continue to pray for this family.


    We will be praying for the family.

    blue j




    Praying here….. Heavenly Father we lift up this family. You know their needs. You know their fears and sorrows. We ask you to give this family peace and help them find their way. We pray for the children that were left behind. We ask you to have your heavenly angels camp around them to protect them from harm. We ask havenly Father that you send someone special in their lives to ease their pain. We ask that you give them good friends and family to help them through this difficult time. To keep them coming so they won’t be lost. Send your warriors to teach them the Bible and keep their hearts turned toward you. To let their lights shine as beacons. Bless them to be prosperous in all that they do, to do it unto you.  In your precious name AMEN!


    Will pray…how tragic…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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