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    Hi, I’m new here. I am reading Karen Andreola’s new book “Mother Culture” and a question has been plaguing as soon as I started reading the chapter that talks about the feast of ideas. I have gotten about a little over halfway into Charlotte Mason’s original writings but have since set that book aside as I decided to enroll my kindergartner into an at home program through a charter school for the second half of the semester. I do remember this topic being approached in Charlotte Mason and I am sure she has said how to go about presenting this feast of ideas. Could someone point me in the right direction and give me some ways you present your children with a feast of ideas? Thank you very much,

    -April Smith

    Karen Smith

    The “feast of ideas” that Charlotte Mason wrote about refers to giving children a “broad education” and to the materials used to teach. Children taught using Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and methods study the usual school subjects such as math, reading, writing/composition, history, and science, plus subjects such as art, music, hymns, handicrafts, poetry, Shakespeare, foreign language, nature study, and creative art. Materials are used that engage the student and cause her to form a relationship with the ideas presented; she gets more than just dry, boring facts.

    Our Subject by Subject series will give you some ideas of how to give that feast of ideas to your child.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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