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    I am having a very hard time to wrap my mind around on how to create a “practical” timeline on my wall. Since I have a young student (DD  6) I just love the idea of a timeline displayed in the room for quick reference, maybe because I am a very visual learner. The problem is I have about 11-12 feet of wall space to use and I just can’t figure out how to get several thousand years on one timeline? I see where a BOC is more practical because space there is almost unlimited. On the down side it is a book that needs to be pulled out and pages need to be turned so the effect of “history at one glance” is lost. Maybe I am just overrating the benefit of a timeline for my DD just because I would like it so much better? Undecided Anyway, if anyone is doing a wall timeline I would really really love to hear or even better see what you are doing!Smile

    Blessings Christine

    Michele Barmore

    We are the same here.

    We use the Principle Approach Time Line as the basis for ours– found at the F.A.C.E. Also known as the Noah Plan.

    This timeline just has 10 links– 10pictures.

    You could make your own very easily.

    The thinking behind this is that it makes it easier for children to place things and remember when they have just those 10major links from which to ‘hang’ things.

    We have found this to work really well at our house.

    The 9 links are…..


    2–the Law. or Moses


    4–the Early Church

    5–the Bible in English.


    7–The Pilgrims

    8–Our Founding Fathers

    9–the Pioneers

    10–Modern or everything until now– we put a pix of our family here

    Just an idea




    I plan to do a combo method – I made a homade version of Hillyar’s Starcaise of Time from Child’s History of the World – a poster version can be bought here…   

    we will be able to look at this to see how things place in the big scheme of things….   and then we will make an entry into a Timeline book so we can see more detail for each century.


    A friend emailed me a link for this timeline that can be put into a binder OR stretched out for display.  It’s called Add A Century.  Anyone familiar with this?



    I’m planning to do a wall timeline this year also (my children will be 9, 7, and 4).   I’ve always planned to do a wall timeline, but this year I will get the “base” of it up before we start school, otherwise like every other year it probably won’t get done!  I’m planning to use the spacings from this Knowledge Quest article:  I plan to cut several pieces of poster board into strips for the base.  We will probably be moving part way through the school year, so I want to be able to take it off, fold it up accordian style and easily move it.  Ooops, I forgot to mention that I will only put up a timeline for the period of history we will be studying this year (Module 4).  I don’t have enough wall space for the whole timeline with the intervals suggested in the article.

    Christine Kaiser

    Thank you so much for all the ideas! I was really struggeling picturing how to put all history on a 11 ft linear space! The staircase timeline and the one that Knowledge Quest use will make it possible! I probably gonna choose the KQ appoach with 4 time periodes “stacked”on top of each other. If I use that I would need 10 linear feet and 4 ft in hight. That should work! Now I better get started working on it…Laughing

    I also really like the idea of starting with a big picture type wall timeline for younger kids and doing book of centuries later on. Someone gave me one of the Konos wall chart timelines which is working out great. So far we have just been making most of our figures.

    It does take a lot of wall space but I think it is worth it for the impact I can tell it is having, even with my younger ones :o)


    I LOVE our wall timeline.  The kids are excited to add characters and pictures to it.  They help to create them.  Sometimes I draw an outline figure and they color it in.  My artistic ds7 draws his own figures sometimes.  He drew his own King Tut.  It is so cute!  They really learn a lot from seeing it.  I don’t think you can properly teach history without one or a BOC.  We have the family timeline on the wall now and when they are older, they’ll do individual BOC.  I have more than 12 feet, but you can run it two rows across on one wall so it would be 24 feet.  You just break up your years by how many inches you have.  You’ll want longer spaces for ancients by every 1000 years and go by every 100 years in A.D. then go by 10s in early modern and then every year in modern times.  It could be based on 1/2 inch is a year in modern times, something like that.  We really have such fun with our timeline.  When dc talk about historical event, they go to the timeline.  Here is another thread I posted on a while back:

    Christine Kaiser

    Update – I just started with preparing the timelines:) I chose a very wide masking tape and went corner to corner on one of our walls in the school room, about 10 feet. I will use 4 timelines (Ancient History, Medieval History,Renaissance, Modern History) that are 7 inches apart on top of each other. Tape is on the wall, now I will start figuring out the date increments.Smile


    I use a wall timeline stacked on top of each other as well. I used string, index cards and clothes pins for mine.


    Bumping this up to ask if anyone has since used I am minutes away from ordering it, but thought I’d ask if anyone has regreted buying it. I had been creating a timeline in my head and discovered that one had already been made just how I wanted. Why reinvent the wheel?!

    At this point my time is pretty valuable so the cost (though higher than if I made it myself) is worth it.


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