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    So here are my thoughts for our Next year schedule…  It is for a 5yo (advanced) and a 7yo.   I could use insight into if I’m trying for too much, or not enough…. have a missed an aread?  etc.

    For the Family

    History – World

    From Christ to ~1500AD

    Child’s History of the World (about 25 chapters in that timerange)

    Stories from English History – Skae


    Lief the Lucky – d’aulaire

    Joan of Arc – Stanley

    Michelangelo – Stanley

    Historical Fiction

    Our Little Roman Cousin of Long Ago

    Our Little Viking Cousin of Long Ago

    Our Little Norman Cousin of Long Ago

    The Door in the Wall

    The Minstrel in the Tower

    The Whipping Boy

    St. George and the Dragon

    Canadian History

    topics – Inuit, Natives.  (actual history will start in our next time period)

    The Story of Canada (2 chapters)

    History Minutes (on internet) – Inukshuk, Peacemaker, Vikings

    Canadian Biography/Historical Fiction

    Very Last First Time

    Dragonfly Kites

    The Eskimo Twins

    The Missing Sun




    Black Line Maps

    Family History (Genealogy)



    New Testament – Penny Gardner Storied Scriptures.  (maybe view Scripture Reader after done a story)

    Scripture Memory

    continue – when done current list, will need to deice new list.


    Finish the basic Pimsleur

    Review First Steps Series?


    Scripture Stories in German?


    Picture Study

    World – Giotto, da Vinci, Norman Rockwell

    Cdn – Emily Carr, Paul Peel, Inuit Art

    Composer Study

    AO Selections:  Wolfgang Mozart, Felix Mendelssohn, Bela Bartok, Paul Hindemith

    Folk Songs

    tbd – stan rogers probably

    Hymns/Primary Songs

    songs from 2007 primary presentation.  


    Just David

    Understood Betsy


    Aesop Fables (1-2 a week)

    Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know (~6)

    other books as needed

    Canadian Literature

    The Fabulous Song

    Just Like New

    Owls in the Family




    6 stories from Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare



    Burgess Animal Book?

    By Pond and River?

    About Animals (Childcraft book) ?

    Nature Study

    Try to do Wild Days like the “Wild Days” Book…  maybe do the Nature Challenge Blog?


    Swimming at the Y



    ? – depends how we do at “Drawing with Children” this summer…


    Continue Suzuki lessons


    For the 7yo


    MEP, Khan Academy


    Peterson Directed Handwriting – Step 3

    Peterson… Grade 3 Word Masters

    Copywork from Readings

    Reading Practice (also Science)

    Christian Nature Reader – Level 2

    Indiv. Literature

    (Read Aloud) – Little House on the Prairie

    (Read Alone) – Mr. Poppers Penguins???   

    other as needed


    (Read Alone) – BofM Scripture Reader


    Keyboard Course (from church)


    Cubs (Scouts Canada)

    Timber Wolves (BPSA)






    MEP, Khan Academy


    Peterson Directed Handwriting – Step 1

    Copywork from Readings (if ready)

    Reading Practice (also Science)

    Christian Nature Reader – Level 1

    Indiv. Literature

    (Read Aloud) – Little House in the Big Woods

    (Read Alone) – ???   

    other as needed


    (Read Alone) – BofM Scripture Reader


    Otters (BPSA)


    And if you read all that – thanks!

    Any suggestions where I have ?????’s?  too much?  to little?  I missed some subject?




    Oh, and any suggestions for books on Indians (Native Canadians preferably… although Native Americans would probalby be fine too as that wasn’t their border…)  It seems most of the content I’ve found that is good so far has been Inuit/Eskimo.

    On an old comment on the blog here I found out that Holling C. Holling wrote a book called “The Indian Book” that I’d love to use, but it isn’t available here at our library or our teacher library, and I can’t buy it right now.  I might do an inter-library loan for it if I can, as if it is as good as his other books it would be worth it…. 

    Any other suggestions?


    sukuzimom! This looks like a fantastic year! i have written down some of your canadian lit & ss books. One resource you might consider for canadian aboriginal studies is a book by Daine Silvey called From Time Immemorial. It is written in textbook format because I think Ms. Silvey was writing fo rthe provincial market in mind but non the less, she is the sole author and obviously did alot of research on her topic. I would skip the teachers guide unless you like traditional classroom type worksheets. But the book itself is one of the most complete west coast first nations guides I have come across yet. Ha-ha, a field guide on us, lol.

    Otherwise I would also recommend fiction by Anne Cameron, Frog Girl -Paul Owen Lewis, or a serious catalogue style reference book by the Royal BC Museum called Out of the Mist: Treasures of the Nu-Chah-Nulth Chiefs – by Peter Macnair. That has photos of the Out of the Mist Exhibit that ran a few years back. History, art & culture.

    I am looking for a copy of these science reads I have heard are good: Forests Detectives -Diane Swanson (from a set of 5 detectives books) but I haven’t seen them yet myself.

    The Story of Canada looks like it lends itself to narrations beautifully. I think your plans look wonderful. Post if you find something else for animal study, DS 6 needs to do that this year. i didn’t want to do Apologia as it was tooooo much on birds, I know he wouldn’t last 6 months on birds alone. And I thought I was going to do an online Animals unit but have changed my mind.



    Hey guys

    long time since I have been here:) Suzukimom, I have Hollings book of Indians, and it is good, though it isn’t written in quite the same style as his more well known books. It tells the story of the American natives and it is a good read. Focus is more on the central and midwest tribes, not Canadian at all. I recommend Tanias suggestion on From Time Immemorial, it is a good book!

    I have the Wetland Detectives, tania, and the seashore, I think. They are both good, lots of worksheets and such if your kids like them. The stories are cute, a bit soft, but cute. And I have tons of animal books and ideas, if you want email me. Good to see you on here!



    Heather it looks great


    Thanks for the feedback!

    Looks like “From Time Immemorial” isn’t available at our library or teacher’s library either.  Sigh.



    If you want to read it in October or later, I could put it up first to read and post my copy to you to borrow?


    Tania I think Holly has a copy she is done with, we could check with her..



    She gave me that one! lol


    I think she had two copies? I know she had doubles of some of the first nations stuff?



    Looks good, Suzukimom. 

    I thought that I would mention just as an idea, that CM suggested one Shakespeare play a year.  Sonya does hers one time (like a month) every two years.  Not sure where you are on some of the content, but several of them might need to be avoided for a few years until your kids can handle some of the themes.  =)

    The Burgess Bird and Animal books are free audio books on Librivox.  That could add some “different” excitement to your week once in a while.  My girls like to listen to them when they do the dishes, and it really helps with the yucky attitudes about work.  Sometimes I have them draw or color a character while listening too. 

    We have enjoyed Grammarland and we got the free worksheets online (they are directly out of the book, just in printable form).  You probably already have them all.  heeheehee



    Did the birdbbok last year – found a blog w/ lots of resources for it.

    My son loves the Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare, so are continuing the AO schedule of the stories.  =once in Year 4, I figure 1 a year at that time.


    Yup, have the free Grammarland Worksheets!

    Thanks for the suggestions!


    Figured that you had it covered, just thought I’d mention it! Wink

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