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    My daughter is doing Cheerful Cursive, enjoys it and does a very good job.  On the other hand, I have her do a copywork passage in print daily and it is awful.  I’ve tried everything…all types of Mead Stages paper, lines, no lines, you name it.  I am hesitant to have her do her copywork in cursive because she hasn’t mastered all of the letters yet.  Should I just let it be and accept poor print from her?  How far should I push it for neatness?  I don’t want to exasperate her.

    My first thought is how long is the passage? If it’s too long it might be overwhelming and the writing is affected. I have my 8 year old do one or two short sentences daily and that is it. I will increase it over time of course, but the main thing I want her to learn is writing her best. If my child was struggling, I would probably just do a few words or even just letters at a time, making sure each letter is formed well. Don’t accept sloppiness, and encourage her absolute best effort. A few minutes every day is suffice! Hope this helps!

    Rachel White

    I put cursive off for another year until I was satisfied with their print. They had all their letters down, but I still thought that having to trace would benefit them greatly.

    So I used Presidential Penmanship for a year. The 3rd. grade version has 4 days of tracing the same passage and one day without tracing. It improved both of my children’s print immensely. I’m going to use it for their cursive, after they have the correct direction down for the letters.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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