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    Jeanette Anderson

    I love the idea of studying one poet for a year, but am looking for poets who were Christian’s and give glory to God in their writing. I see in the biography of John Greenleaf Whittier that he is, but can’t really tell from the samples of the other SCM poetry books. Can you recommend which ones are Christian writers, or perhaps there are other Christian authors you know as a good source for poetry study?


    Hi Jeanette, I am by no means a poetry expert and am only now learning to appreciate poetry as I read it to my kids. I dont specifically have any Christian poets to recommend. Elizabeth Barrett Browning comes to mind, but she is the only one I can really think of now that I know to be a Christian. I have “Out in the Fields with God” stuck on my fridge right now. I just wanted to say though, that so much poetry is about the beauty of God’s creation and the wonders of nature that it almost seems difficult to find a poet that does not glorify God, intentionally or not. All beauty and truth is His, and any poet who acknowledges the beauty in creation is glorifying him whether they want to or not. We are enjoying Alfred, Lord Tennyson now, and actually I don’t know if he is Christian, but his work always makes me want to praise the Lord. I would say that if you stick with the poet studies by SCM you will always find beautiful works that point us to the source of beauty. They may not mention God specifically, but as believers we know the One from whom beauty flows. Just my two cents.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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