Please Pray My Husband Will Let Me Homeschool!

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    I’ve come across this forum before & have been reading through a lot of the posts. I have wanted to homeschool for a long time, & am really leaning towards CM now. I have a just-turned-9-year-old girl (3rd grade) , & 2 boys-ages 7 (2nd grade) & 5 (possibly K). I homeschooled my DD for K, as she is special needs (I believe SPD, NVLD, & maybe auditory processing disorder) . Then my husband wanted her & our oldest DS to go to public school. My daughter has an IEP & has always struggled, especially in math. My DS does OK, but 1st grade was challenging for him. He is very creative & hands-on. This last school year, I constantly had problems with the principal (& this year they’re wanting to split my 2 oldest up, letting my DD remain in her current program, yet saying my son has to return to our “resident school”, since he isn’t in the sp. Ed program like my DD) & even issues that arose with the Special Ed. Teacher. My daughter ended the year with progress, but still struggling with math, reading comprehension, writing, & some other areas. So I’m very concerned about her starting 3rd grade in public school, when she hasn’t mastered 2nd grade concepts yet. I have been talking to my husband about it (we’re separated, though I try to honor his wishes & am praying for our marriage), & plan to talk to him again tomorrow. He is wanting our 2 oldest to stay in school & out of the blue wants our youngest to start K. My youngest DS has done well at home for preschool, & I know is not ready for FT K in public school. Please pray that my husband will have a change of heart & allow me to homeschool our 2 oldest once again, as well as let me to contninue to HS our youngest. It’s very discouraging when we’re not on the same page & I feel so strongly led. Thank you for your prayers or any advice/thoughts as well! Sorry this is so long!


    Praying! 🙂


    Praying for you!


    Are there any members of your church who homeschool that might pray with you? Any homeschool dads that your husband might trust enough to have them talk to him? I will pray for you also.

    I have a situation that is a little similar in that my husband and I have been separated for nearly 8 years. I have homeschooled my 3 kids from kindergarten on. My special needs ds15 went to a charter school for autistic kids last year for the first time. When we separated, the kids & I moved in with my dad. The oldest was a 3rd grader at that time.

    After our first school year of the separation, he brought up the whole “socialization” issue & wanted them in public school. As a compromise, I asked if we could enroll them in an online public school. (My thought was that at least they would still be taught at home, mostly by me.) He was not thrilled with that but begrudgingly agreed to it.

    We stayed with the virtual academy for two years, but the kids were bored with it, and I didn’t feel like it was a very good fit for us. Toward the end of those two years, I discovered this website and began to research CM methods. Since the methods made sense to me and SCM’s curriculum guide & articles on getting started made it seem feasible to implement, I decided to pull them out of the online school. I asked my husband what he thought about that, and he basically said, “You do what you want.” I then asked him if he would be okay with me taking them out of the online school, and he simply said that it was okay.

    Not an enthusiastic endorsement, but an allowance to homeschool. Since then, and mind you, my oldest is now entering 11th grade, he has made comments to others in my children’s presence that he feels they are getting as good an education as they would in public school. (Okay, I would beg to differ and say it was a better education, but I’ll take it.)

    What has kept us going is faith and prayer. Many people have been praying with us. Things often seem to come in small increments, but God has been faithful to provide us both the ability and means to homeschool.


    Thank you for praying. I’ll be talking to my husband shortly.

    Sue-Thank you for your encouragement. It’s great your husband came around, even hesitantly! I am still looking for the right church, so I don’t have anyone to ask for prayer (just a marriage ministry I’m involved with) . I do know several HS moms from the library, but I’ve never asked them to pray. I also have a friend whose daughter homeschools, so I might have a few I can ask. Definitely & unfortunately nobody in my family though: (

    My DD did do an online public school for K, but my husband wasn’t satisfiedwith it, which is why he wanted me to put both our DD-then 7, & our oldest DS-then 5, into a “normal school”. They went to that school until Feb. 2013. Once the school qualified our DD for an IEP, they said she’d be better in a different school in the district. So both her & our kindergartener were transferred. Everything was OK at first, but last year there were always problems…DD was (& ended this last year) still struggling, DS is very creative & hands-on and doesn’t do well just sitting. He likes to get his work done before moving onto something else, which he often can’t do in a class setting. He loves to help others, but it wasn’t really encouraged by his teacher last year. They allow volunteers, but then the principal claimed I was there too much, since I had my then 4-year-old DS with me. They get sick a lot when they’re in school, but then get in trouble for too many absences. I had to sign an attendance contract last year for DS (since he is the transfer student not in sp. Ed) that if he had too many absences, they’d put him back in his old school. We finished the year under the max. Absences until the last week of school. The principal said it was fine, if I brought a dr’s note, since the year was nearly over. Then last week I got a letter saying due to last year’s absences, he’d need to go back to his old school. When I asked about it, it was implied I’d have to sign a new contract to keep him there, which makes me very uncomfortable. It just seems clear to me that it’s time to take them out & homeschool again. The desire & leading has never left my heart.

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