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    ….for I am in shock.

    I am almost in tears for this small but very significant blessing. Our days, of late, have been very, very difficult due to my son’s unpredictable behavior. We are starting counseling with a new Christian therapist this week, so I’m hopeful for positive change, but our days are very stressful.

    So, this morning, out of the blue, 14yo ds comes downstairs–fully-dressed for the day–and just pauses with a big smile to give me a hug. (This child has tactile difficulties & is very “wooden” and stingy about hugs.) Then, just moments later, I overheard him politely asking his sister if he could put in his video game after her song was over. (She was playing a cd in the system, and you can’t play both at the same time.) He typically just takes out whatever is in the system & puts in his game without even thinking that someone else put that in to watch/play/listen.

    I have not seen this kind of forethought and personal interaction from him–well, I can’t really recall the last time! I wish I could bottle whatever is going on inside him and give him daily doses of it. What a blessed moment for me.


    Sue, That’s awesome!!!  I have a similar child with behavior challenges so I completely understand your joy.  Just waking up with a smile is enough for me…the hug is icing on the cake.  Dare I ask if his clothes matched?!  Who cares, right?  I pray the day continued in this manner.





    Oh, I’m not going to peel you off the floor… But hope instead that he keeps doing things all day to keep you peeled there!


    WOW!  Blessings keep this in your mind and hold on tight.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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