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    I made a video on my YouTube channel about what I’m using  part 1 is up.  Parts 2 and 3 are coming soon.


    A week in, and I’ve already made several changes (Pretty much all changes were to books we already owned)!

    SCM Genesis Through Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt

    SCM Enrichment 2 (We are adding AO Folk Songs, a term of Plutarch, and a second term of  Shakespeare, and Getting Started with Spanish either in place of Cherrydale—or alongside it)

    12th grader: MUS stewardship, Power Basics American Government, Apologia Health and Nutrition (May add parts of a biology text and call it a full biology credit), Self-Knowledge, Getting Started with Latin (GSWL), current events, SW/ULW 3

    10th grader: MUS algebra, American Government, health (parts of biology text), Self-knowledge, GSWL, current events, SW/ULW 3

    8th grader: Principles of Mathematics, Apologia General Science, Self-Knowledge, GSWL, SW/ULW 2

    5th grader: Math Lessons for a Living Education, SW/ULW 1, finish up Print to Cursive Proverbs, Rod and Staff science 5

    First Grader: Math Lessons for a Living Education, Finish up Simply K (master books) and Adventures in Creation (also Masterbooks) then switch to Delightful Reading 2.  After that, we’ll start SCM’s Individual Studies for 1st grade which schedules DR 3, Delightful Handwriting, Outdoor Secrets, and the Pathway Readers.  I have SCM’s math to try, but I may stick with MB’s math.  We’ll see how it goes!  My oldest still needs a ton of math help, and I only have so much time in a day.  😢


    Hello, everyone! Our school year has been an odd one so far. We began in July about the same week that we became a caregiver for an elderly friend.  We also had my mother-in-law visit us for a week, Hurricane Laura, and then my MIL had to come back to our house because her power was out way longer than ours.

    But we have managed to get six weeks of school in anyhow!  We have really enjoyed our read-alouds. We started with Summer of the Monkeys and then started listening to all the Paddington books.  They are new to me too.

    We are also loving our Talkbox.Mom Spanish materials. I highly recommend their program for CM-friendly foreign language! And they have a lot of languages!

    Math-U-See is still a favorite around here. I also ordered Spelling-U-See for my 7 yo daughter, but the Jack and Jill level that I got seems to be more phonics based than spelling and it includes copywork.  So it fills the need and I don’t feel so scattered trying to juggle separate components.  She is a little more cooperative with learning to read this year.

    We still haven’t started composer or art studies. Or nature study. Yet!

    Oh, the Visits to Europe is going well with everyone.  I haven’t been able to get all the suggested books to go along, but I have some titles that we are substituting.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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