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    I am a planner and already have purchased several SCM curriculum books for next year and beyond. We are about to hit our halfway mark for our homeschool, so I’m already looking ahead to next year.  🙂

    My dd will be in 4th grade next school year.  I am planning on using Genesis-Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt.  My question is about choosing our SCM science.  I have both 106 Days of Creation Studies & Learning About Birds.  Initially, my thoughts are go with the birds with the Genesis study and then do the 106 Days of Creation the following year in 5th grade.  Have any of y’all combined the any of the three above?  I will ask my dd which she prefers, of course.  Is it better to do the 106 Days along with the Genesis study or do it the following year with the Joshua study?  Genesis study + Learning About Birds?  I think both would be great so I guess I’m just looking for wisdom from anyone who has experience with these books.  This will be our first time using SCM history or science.

    Off topic, but we are currently using Spelling Wisdom this year.  So, I’m super excited to use almost all of SCM next year- with the exception of math.




    I’m planning 106 Days and Ancient Egypt for next year.  We may have used them together before, but I can’t remember (it may have been our 2nd year of ancient history).  I feel like when I try to line things up nicely, no one really notices or cares, except maybe me.  😂 Either science would be a good choice and you can do them in either order.  We are using the Bird study this year.  I used it a few years ago with my older kids.  Some of their science guides are better for younger or older ages, but I feel like these two are on a similar level.

    You might want to know that their 106 Days is being rewritten for two age levels.  So you may want to hold off on science for now…or just stick with Learning About Birds for next year.   They haven’t announced a release date or many details for the new creation guides.

    Spelling Wisdom is my favorite spelling program!


    106 Days does not need to be tied to any history module. As it is written now, you set up at notebook for the first week or so based on the days of creation, then the lessons are focused on the science that surround those days. We studied light, weather, water, rocks, soil, etc, then birds, fish, animals, and finally the human body. You tuck the notebook pages into your notebook according to the subject of creation it belongs to. Our family has enjoyed it twice.

    ETA: If you already have the books, just use them now. Don’t wait. 😉


    I guess I’m wondering if it’d be redundant to do both the Genesis study with the 106 Days of Creation together or if they’ll work together smoothly- or if doing the 106 Days the following year would cement her learning of creation by covering it 2 years in a row- once with history in 4th grade and the next year with science in 5th grade.  Does that make sense?

    I am not going to do the science studies this year because we are in the middle of our current science curriculum, like it and are going to finish it.  I’m looking ahead for our next school year.  We are halfway through this year already bc we start in June.  🙂

    Karen Smith

    It would not be redundant to do both Genesis-Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt and 106 Days of Creation together. Genesis-Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt covers creation in two lessons as it guides you in learning about ancient history before and during the time of Ancient Egypt. 106 Days of Creation takes the whole year on Genesis chapter 1 as you study various science topics based on the what was created on each day of creation.

    Which science course you use is your choice. None of our science materials are designed to correlate with our history because that would be in the style of unit studies and not Charlotte Mason. 🙂 If you want a course that is more general science, go with 106 Days of Creation. If you want a course that is focused on one topic, go with Learning about Birds.


    Karen- thank you.  Even though I have the Genesis-Deut & Ancient Egypt book, I’ve only skimmed through it and didn’t realize it covers Creation in only 2 lessons.  So that really helps clear up that up for me.  I still have no idea which SCM science we’ll use, but I’m excited to use more SCM next school year.

    Thanks to everyone who chimed in and commented.  🙂

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