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    I was looking for thoughts on pictures for picture study…we are about to start Monet. OKOK…we’ve been about to start since the beginning of the school year. *blushy face* It’s scheduled for this Friday, as we are now going to try a fine arts day. I think that will actually help us get those other subjects done! (I’m working this around the turkey for my dad that night, and the last day of school for the holidays…am I crazy?!?)I read from one source to put up many of the pieces from the artist around the house for the children to become familiar with them. Then I read to only study one work per week, and put up that ONE work in the house for them to look at throughout the week. Would they get overload if we put up more than one, or would it have the benefit of being familiar with the artist? I would LOVE your thoughts!

    Thank you and blessings! Christina



    My children tend to ignore the pictures if there are a bunch up at once–plus we are short on good display space. When we have a picture that we can put up on a wall, we just do one at a time. They will still get exposure to several pictures, as we do at least six, but they will get to “fix details” of one at a time. We put the picture up, if we have one we can do it with, and then do an in-depth picture study one day that week.

    Often, however, we are using pictures in books or on websites, so they don’t get put up on the wall at all.

    The exception would be if you had a couple of pictures really useful to complement each other or show something in particular. Then I might put up two. But in my house, the simpler the better and the more likely we are to actually DO it.



    Sonya Shafer

    We do one at a time also. It seems to capture our attention better if we’re looking at a picture we haven’t seen before rather than one that’s been on display for a couple of weeks already.


    Wonderful advise! Thank you!! I can deal with one at a time! Do you just pic your fav pieces to study?


    Christina, I pick a few favorites and a few “landmark” type paintings when we study an artist. For example, for Monet I’d pick things like Impression: Sunrise, at least one, maybe more than one of Rouen Cathedral for comparing purposes, and at least one water lily from late in his life, then two more that caught my eye, perhaps. Now there are times that this doesn’t work so well. We did Picasso earlier this year, and I’m not a fan. I just desperately hunted around for things that didn’t have naked women in them. Of course they didn’t really LOOK like naked women, exactly, but still. I only knew two “landmark” ones from him–The Three Musicians, which we covered, and Guernica, which I decided my youngest wasn’t ready for, so we skipped it.

    When we have an artist I do not know well, I often get a book from the adult section to skim briefly to get some idea of what is “important” and what is not. Caution: don’t let your kids look at a book from the adult section until you check and see what sorts of paintings are there–I find many that I will *not* be introducing my children to!


    Hi all – we have been doing the picture studies from Hearts and Trees – she has a blog with different featured ‘online art shows’ and you can buy notebook pages from her to direct the picture study – anyway, I really like them and we are doing ‘Clouds in Art’ right now.

    One of her suggestions that has worked well for us is to load the picture we are studying as a background on our computer desktop. We leave it up for the duration of time it takes for us to finish the sheet and get our fill of the picture. I have had to look around the web a little for images with adequate resolution for the enlargement, but an image search from google is pretty easy, then I just choose one with a pretty large file size and it usually gets us what we need.

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