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  • Doug Smith

    Many of you have been asking about when we would have new artists in the Picture Study Portfolio series and who they would be. We’ve been pretty quiet about it as we worked out the details but now it’s time let the cat out of the bag for our loyal forum community. Here’s a peek…

    We’ll be making the formal announcement tomorrow but they may actually be available a little later today.


    Yeah, so excited that you guys are continuing on with these!!  I’m looking forward to expanding my collection:)  Blessings, Gina


    Yippee!!! Turner is our first artist for family fine arts co-op starting on Thursday. Perfect timing. Thanks!


    These are so beautiful.  I love blessing my family this way.  Thank you.  Smile

    I can’t wait to get them, will you have the extra prints again to go with them, please???? Linda


    I love Turner!  Even though we’ve studied him already I think I’ll get the kit because your pictures are so much better quality (and clarity) than the ones I’ve printed.  I know nothing about Van Eyck so it will be fun to learn.  And Mikey is a classic!

    I am ordering after we finish Van Gogh. Whoohoo!! Thanks SCM!

    Sonya Shafer

    Linda, yes, we will have the extra prints available again.

    crazy4boys, I think you’ll recognize at least one of Van Eyck’s pictures. It’s somewhat well-known; people just don’t know the artist. (Curious? Wink)

    Turner was a new one for me, but now he’s on the docket for this year at our house! Smile

    Thanks Sonya – I love Turner, and he will be on our schedule as well….Linda


    ooooo, which to chose for term 2?  we just got the Velazquez one and I love it!  What a great resource!  thanks, again, SCM!


    Ooohh, just saw this. So excited! If you make them, we will buy them. 😉

    Doug Smith

    A quick update… It’s taking a bit longer than expected to get some of the files ready for download. We’re almost done but we may not be able to post them and make the announcement until Thursday. The print versions are done but we need to have both ready before making them live on the site.

    Doug Smith

    I already ordered mine, they look wonderful, thanks to all for the great job you have done with this series. When will I be able to buy the extra prints – we are studying Giotto at the moment, I would like to do Turner next? Thanks….Linda

    Ok I found the extra prints, I ordered them as well but in a separate order – could they be shipped together by any chance? it was my silly mistake that I did not see the extra prints earlier. Anyway I hope you can send them together, that would be good. Thanks Linda

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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