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    We recently acquired a full size electric piano (on permanant loan).  Neither my dh or I play, but dh has been picking up small snatches of songs from watching Utube videos and teaching them to the boys.  Our younger son in particular seems to pick up the tunes quickly.  Unfortuantely piano lessons are pretty costly, and with his ADHD I’m not sure he’ll sit through a whole lesson, at least starting out.  Does anyone use software or DVD programs?  How do you find their effectiveness if so? 


    I’ve been teaching myself and my 6yo DD the violin using resources on the internet and in books.  I do have a music background (piano and flute), which helps, but I think you could do it even without that background. 

    We’ve been using the Suzuki materials to guide us through the process, along with valuable input from Suzukimom!  There are several Suzuki teachers who have made youtube videos that have been great help.  I don’t know if there are as many resources for piano, but it’s worth checking out.

    For piano lesson books, I really like these: 

    I don’t have personal experience with any of the software or DVD options, so hopefully some others will have more input for you.



    Although I don’t have as much info – I was looking at teaching my kids piano (although my piano skills are not the strongest – I do have some basic knowledge) – so I might be able to give some ideas…  I have a bit of info on Suzuki Piano – a bit of info on Faber & Faber….   

    You didn’t mention how old your boys are that are interested.

    Can you barter with someone for lessons?


    Look for teens in your local area–homeschoolers or from church.  My son teaches a few students he’s found that way.



    The age of your kids is important. I taught myself as a teenager using Alfred’s lesson book for adults. There are three books in that series, but I only made it halfway through the second book. I liked to play and had the interest to teach myself. Now, I don’t play so great to play for an audiance, but I do know the basics and enjoy it. I have not tried a dvd or sw program, but I think it would work just as well if the interest is there.

    I want to teach my dc, but I think they may be a bit young yet at ages 7 and 5. Sometimes they play around on the piano, but I don’t think they are ready for lessons yet. I would probably start out teaching them to play a simple song they have heard many times before. But we have not started that yet. We play a lot of good classical music to learn to appreciate music for now. I am not familiar with Suzuki methods at all, but I’ve heard nothing but good about them.

    Christine Kaiser

    This program is free, we use it and my DD7 loves it. We are now on lesson 19


    We LOVE Simply Music which is a DVD program.

    It’s easy enough to break the lessons (which are around 10 minutes long if that) up into smaller incriments if that is easier for your kids.  I do that for my 6yo daughter.  My 9yo does one, sometimes two lessons at a time.


    We started Piano Marvel in January and both of my kids love it.  It is only $12/month per child.  My husband is a web developer and he heard about it through his networks.  So far so good.


    Thanks, ladies, for all these suggestions.

    @christineaz:  Did you get the downloads?  Are the necessary or just recommended?  This might be the most cost effective option while we are “feeling” things out.


    Christine Kaiser

    We got them but paid only 10 $ for 20 lessons. But to be honest, you really don’t need them. It is just repeatng the lesson on paper. So for instance, if the children practise finding “C-D-E”, then the lesson practise has the keys printed and the children are suppose to color C D E. I hink it makes almost more sense having them practise at the real piano keys to find the keys.

    That’s how we use the program too, to feel it out if the children are realy interested in piano lessons. At a certain point I guess we have to decide to go to real lessons, but I don’t want to waste money on somethign the children may get tired of after 10 times.

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