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    I have a pretty sciency oriented group of boys (ages 11, 11, 8 and 5) and we haven’t formally studied physics yet.  I’m looking for something that will cover things like force, motion, etc. AND simple machines, levers and such.  I’m thinking I’ll use Real Science 4 Kids Physics Level 1….but it doesn’t cover machines and it doesn’t go very in-depth….I think they can handle a bit more material wise and brain capacity-wise.

    Any suggestions?  Books.  Kits.  Movies.  Models.  Anything.

    Thanks – Heather


    We are using this for my 11 yo :  http://www.explorationeducation.com/

    It’s Physical Science (deals with chemistry as well), but covers force, motion, simple machines, etc…..   He enjoys it so much and is so far ahead of schedule Laughing  Very hands on and manageable everyday…includes everything you need, as well.


    God’s Design For the Physical World from Answers in Genesis is great.



    We used the three-volume God’s Design physical science series, plus kits, plus Mythbusters, plus The Art of the Catapult  Laughing  My oldest is planning on  majoring in physics next year, we sure had fun! 

    The K’Nex kits were BIG hits here, the boys played with them endlessly.  There is a Levers and Pulleys one and I think a bridge one.  They ended up building out of those and regular K’nex a message system between all their bedrooms, even up and down the stairs.  LOL 

    You can learn a LOT by watching some selected TV shows.  My kids have learned a lot of physics watching Mythbusters and Punkin Chunkin.  🙂  We really, really recommend The Art of the Catapult as well. 

    I have two other books that would probably work for your ages—Physics, Fun, and Beyond are easy-to-build projects that use recycled materials, and the book Thinking Physics:  Understandable Practical Reality is very, very good at using physics principles in plain language to explain nearly everything. 

    IMO chemistry and physics are just the MOST FUN to do with kids.  There’s nothing quite so satisfying as lobbing oranges over the fence.  🙂


    We have this simple machines kit: http://www.amazon.com/Simple-Machines–Set-5-Machines/dp/B0012OKBK2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1331304549&sr=8-3

    I love that it’s easy enough my 4 year old can use it with a little guidance, whereas he’s not up for building intricate things out of Knex yet, but my older kids enjoy it too.


    Thank you very much!  My boys are currently Mythbuster junkies so I’m glad to see that is “approved”.  I have much researching to do now.

    For God’s Design of the Physical World…do you NEED the teacher’s manual or just the student text?


    I have the older set where everything was just in one book, so I can’t tell you.  I have never figured out exactly what they did when they split the books up. 

    Have you seen the Mythbuster experiment book, Don’t Try This At Home?  There are also some new kits but I’ve never tried one yet.


    My son’s college physics classes have been watching Mythbusters episodes recently.  🙂


    There’s a book?  I’ll be sure to check that out.  And kits?????  I’d be dubbed The Best Mom Ever….because sometimes I’m not.

    I love that your son’s physics class is watching Mythbusters, Robin.  So, can I tell myself that my kids are taking “college” physics?


    About K’nex kits….is it better to get the individual kits or the deluxe granddaddy?  Any other kits out there to consider?  

    I’m so glad to have you sciency CM moms around!!!!!

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