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    I am going through the Planning Your CM Education DVD/booklet and had a few questions on P.E.  It’s listed (on pg 16) as one of Charlotte’s subjects that was taught, but I didn’t see a specific subforum on this site for discussion; and nothing came up when I searched. Has this been discussed at all?

    My husband and I are very lacking in knowledge of keeping physically fit (he is a “geek” and I’m a busy mom).

    My questions:

    Are there any fun/helpful resources to help expose your children to exercising?

    Do you do anything in specific?

    Have any of you used the free downloadable Swedish Drill Teacher? (

    Should I just stick to teaching them how to jump rope, take walks with them, let them run around in a natural kids way?

    Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks!


    I would be interested in this, too.  I don’t do anything formal with my kids.  They spend most the afternoons outside (all day right now, it’s our summer break) and I’ve always counted that as PE.  They are either on their bikes, running, trampoline, swimming…they seem to think of their own fun.  We live in a fairly mild climate, and there are not any extended periods where they can’t get outdoors.  I don’t know if they even know how to jump rope though…hmmmm.

    I can’t recall what Charlotte says on this subject…does it have to be something organized or is random outdoor activity good enough?

    My kids are forced to do breathing exercises when they whine…does that count?Cool

    Well, seriously, I do Oxysize every morning and my kids have learned it too. We also do T-Tapp and nature walks regularly.

    It is so stinking hot here (AL) that we go outside only in the evening or early morning.

    I would love someone to do a Swedish Drill video…please, please?  My visual mind has a hard time figuring what this looks like exactly. Could SCM throw it into a future DVD seminar?



    How old are your kids?  This may affect how much/what you would want to do for them, maybe?

    I’ve never read this book, so I can’t say if it is any good or not, but I have seen it at our local library, it’s called “The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book.”  It might be worth checking to see if your library has it, to get some good ideas.

    For our boys (9 and up) they play recreational sports in the fall, and during the rest of the year we just keep them very active.  We go mountain biking together, and as part of their training for soccer they run with my husband.


    My children are young (6, 4,3,2 and one on the way) so I’m thinking now for the 6 and 4 yr old, but also for future reference when they all get older.


    I normally don’t plan anything for PE ..but just count the playtime outside/or inside as PE. However, another homeschooling mom approached me about getting our DC together once a week and learning some basic sports..kickball, volleyball, etc. So I led a mini sports camp with our 8 children and taught them how to play. We did kicking drills, passing drills, and so forth. It was a lot of fun..before it got to hot to be outside. Now we just swim together.  Anyway..just thought I would share what we are doing..especially for those that might not feel comfortable playing sports, find someone that does know and work together. Smile

    I am needing to look into the Swedish sounds interesting.



    Oh I forgot to mention..there was a post about PE during the winter months..and a book was suggested but I can’t find the post. I think Heather (CSMAMA) recommended it. If I can find it I will let you know. I wanted to look at it too.



    My kids are 7, 8 & 10 months. 

    Organized team sports…that’s a great idea.  I can do that with the neighborhood kids.  They all seem to wind up here anyway.  I believe I’ll try that on occassion. 

    Swedish Drill:  I’m envisioning rows of little people in my backyard dropping down for 20 push-ups…ha!  I haven’t really looked in to that yet, but it might be good for those rainy or cold seasons when they can’t get outside.  Burn off some of that restlessness.

    I am going to have to look up what CM has to say about PE though…it’s got my curiousity peaked.


    One of the things we do sometimes in the winter months (and this was before homeschooling) if they need to burn off some energy was have a dance party.  We would push all the furniture in our living room to the walls, turn on some upbeat music, and let them go at it.  A lot of times the kids would be “judges” and score each other.  They loved it, it burned off their energy, and was soemthing that the kids were able to do in our small farmhouse.  I would love to have a mini trampoline in our house for them (I’d probably use it too Smile) but with 6 foot ceilings I don’t think that would be a good idea!!

    I have planned 2 “swedish drill” breaks in our school morning but I think I will just be doing things like jump rope, pushups, classic exercises, stretches, etc. I skimmed the Swedish Drill book (free download) but it is so dull to read!


    I’m married to an athelete and I have two sporty kids, so PE has been easy for me once the kids picked their sports. (My son picked “everything” as his sport!)

    If you have park & rec teams or other community teams, that’s a great way to learn team sports without spending a lot of money.

    If you prefer individual sports, I highly recommend a martial art. I’m very impressed seeing what happens in a martial arts class. (And it’s very homeschooling friendly, whether the teachers know it or not, because any age is welcome to begin. A white-belt could be 5 years old or or 15 or 50.)

    I do think romping around outside, skipping rope, climbing trees, riding bikes, etc. can be considered as PE. Anything to get those large muscles moving, the heart pumping, and the body and mind flexible!

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