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    I do not remember where I first came across this site, but it’s in my files. When we read the Thornton Burgess books my plan is to share these photos of real animals talked about in the books with my children. I thought someone else might be interested in them:

    Katrina in AK

    These are great.  I just downloaded The Burgess Animal Book on Librivox a few days ago.  Thank you, Tristan, for sharing.


    If you are doing the Bird Book, check out this site!

    Thanks Tristan for the link to the Animal Book pictures!


    Thanks for these links.  I just started reading my ds age 5 the Burgess animal book stories and was thinking how great it would be to see pictures of the animals.   


    Thank you so much suzukimom for sharing that link! It is amazing! It will help me greatly in planning our next semster and my sisters as well!! What a blessing! Thank you


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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