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  • I’m wondering if anyone here has used Pfeiffe House Music?  I would appreciate reviews.  I am not musically inclined myself.  I would most likely start at 2nd grade level but comments from any grade level would be helpful.


    I used this for Kindergarten. The lessons were short and relatively enjoyable. Some my son liked better than others. 🙂 It covered solfege (Do Re Mi…) and other basic music concepts like high and low, loud and soft, rythm. We didn’t always do the recommended activities, but did some. I didn’t like it well enough to continue with 1st grade, though. He didn’t always want to participate, and I added composer study this year, so we just enjoyed listening and learning a little about the composers. I’m considering a video piano course that I’d seen recommended here for next year – second grade.

    Hope that helped some. It’s been over a year since I used it. But I could pull it out and look it over to refresh my memory on the details, if needed.


    I’m looking into this for first grade. I am musically inclined, so I want to teach my children music using the so fa method. I need a good curriculum!! Would you recommend this one? Coastal carol, did you end up trying it?


    I have K-2nd grade but have never used it.  In fact, I would like to sell it, so if anyone is interested please pm me!  I got it in high hopes, but realize that there are just too many other things I want my kids to do, so we never used it.

    Thanks for the replies so far.  No, southmom, I did not end up ordering.  The reviews I could find were mixed and it just seemed like an unnessary extra at this time.

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