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    I’m looking for a few books or something for my 9th grade student.  I have read what I can from previous threads but I can’t afford Dave Ramsey’s personal finance set right now and all the different sites mentioned I will pass on to my son for reading/reflecting.  I’m not sure that I just want a workbook from Rainbow Resource, or other suppliers, but could use one and fill in with another more “living” book if I had to.  

    He has read the first 2 Uncle Eric books and is in the middle of the third right now.  He has a nice savings account (for his age), small paying job, and is good with his money.  I could just take him through what I do for the month, year, etc., but I don’t have the energy right now to do what he may need.  Maybe currclick has something that could be used as an outline??

    I also have Total Money Makeover but not sure how that would work for him right now..I’ll look it over again to see if there is something for him to read.

    Thanks in advance.


    This is in my “high school ideas book” under personal finance.

    Monday, Possessions and Eternity by Randy Alcorn

    Money Matters for Teens (I haven’t seen this.  It’s just an idea.)

    Stewardship – Math-u-see (probably expensive, haven’t looked lately)


    2 great Canadian Resources (but some information wouldn’t work for Americans) are….


    The Weathy Barber  by Don Aslet  (sp?)


    The Wealthy Papercarrier   by ? Zimmerman (sp?)


    They are both stories of people learning personal finances – they agree on a lot of stuff, but not completely.  

    The Wealthy Paper Carrier is designed for teenagers and looks at a brother and sister for several years (15 or 20 I think it was?) as they learn from their (well off) Uncle.  So it goes basically from them getting their first part-time job, to starting their own part-time businesses, then going towards their first carriers (1 goes to university, 1 doesn’t), buying of first house, etc.

    The Wealthy Barber was designed for adults, and is an adult  brother and sister and a friend getting financial advice from their barber (well, the 2 guys’ barber) when they discover he is wealthy.  Goes through lots of topics including wills, saving, simple investing (ie mutual funds, or real estate), retirement savings, etc.

    (the author of the Wealthy Paper Carrier has various other books – the Wealthy Woman, the Wealthy Procrastinator, etc – with similar information in a similar format – but has information specific to the various situations…)



    We are using the MFW lesson plan that schedules:


    Monday, Possessions and Eternity by Randy Alcorn

    Money Matters for Teens by Larry Burkett


    …as well as certain Bible passages.  Our dd, 12th grade just started it this week after finishing up a semester of Economics.  She is also reading Uncle Eric books as part of history study.  She is slated to receive a 1/2 credit in Personal Finance upon completion.  I like the look of the Burkett workbook.  It’s simple, but not dumbed down.  There are many practical life skills taught, such as savings accounts, checking accounts, budgets & bill paying, home mortgage, etc, without a lot of bells and whistles. 


    Hope that helps….





    Thank you so much! Will be doing a little research today.

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