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  • I bought the phonics workbooks, thinking they were part of the whole suggested package (and because they were so cheap).  But I’ve been wondering, do phonics workbooks fall within the CM philosophy? I sometimes wonder if it’s necessary because it can be extra work for my dear boy.Although on the bright side, he’s in the 3rd grade and starting to read great and even spell words on his own.

    Thank you!


    I tried the phonics workbooks, too, but really did not care for them. I just got rid of them and kept the readers, and I don’t think my kids are missing anything.

    My K-3 kids do: SCM Copywork with some dictation, Pathway readers aloud or for oral narration, Rod and Staff spelling (b/c I just like for them to do these – they aren’t CM). The older kids have brief writing assignments as well.

    I do recommend the Rod and Staff Reading workbooks and Readers for older kids (3-6th). They aren’t really CM, either, but I love the great stories and how they make the child ‘dig’ into vocabulary and comprehension a little bit.

    In general, I think you should feel no guilt at all about throwing out the things that don’t work for your children. If they hate something, they probably aren’t learning from it and would benefit from a more ‘living’ method!

    Thank you!


    Ditto ServingwithJoy re. the workbooks.


    we use just the readers for reading practice and love the wholesome stories. I did buy the workbooks once and have no idea why. we didn’t even crack the cover. I am a do what works kinda gal when it comes to curriculum and have no trouble tossing what doesn’t .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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