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  • I want to start my son this fall with Simply CM but need more guidance. My son would be entering 2nd grade in public school. He reads well but his school seemed to mainly emphasize sight words etc. I want to supplement the CM method with a phonics/ reading program but clueless where to start, should i start over bc he has learned mostly by sight words or keep with that and just go forward. What type of curriculum do you supplement with for a second grader in this area. So many choices that I’m overwhelmed and Im afraid to make a wrong decision that will affect his future.


    Kassey 🙂


    We’ve always used the Hooked on Phonics reading program and Explode the Code workbooks.. You could also go with Phonics Pathways/ Reading Pathways..  I get overwhelmed with all the choices, too!


    I like “Teach your child to read in 100 EZ lessons” – but it is designed more for a brand new reader….   You might do better with something like “Alpha Phonics” that does word families…..


    Alphaphonics is a good suggestion.  Also, this blog series is a great explanation of how to teach reading the CM way.  Joyful Shepherdess put a lot of work into this, then made it freely available.  I have found it envaluable for teaching my ds to read.


    I love All About Reading!


    We love All About Reading. I don’t consider it ‘CM’ but it works so well for my children. We’re mid-way on Level 2 and my sons are rising 2nd graders also. Most importantly *my sons* love AAR and they are clearly progressing in their fluency.


    We used Sonlight and they use the Explode the Code (ETC) workbooks along with word lists and phonics readers, something similar to Hooked on Phonics. They all work together on the same new word families each week. We kept up with the ETC series even after we dropped the reading program. I think it helps with spelling and vocabulary. ds9 will finish ETC 8, the last of that series and we will next use Megawords by the same publisher as ETC for spelling and vocabulary.

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions. 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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