"Outlander" High School appropriate book Review needed


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    I have watched the “Outlander” series on TV and found it a bit racy for myself. Sometimes films can add this to a movie when it’s not necessary. My daughter who has seen bits and pieces and is High School wants to read the book series.
    I have a recent TBI and don’t have it in me to pre-read it the book . Anyone here have a teenager that has read it and could give a review or an adult? Thanks so much.


    I have read some of the series and I would not give it to a high school student (or even to many adults I know who would be sensitive about this stuff). Many very sexually explicit scenes with the two main characters and a big plot point that hinges on sexual torture by one man of another. I haven’t watched the series, so I can’t comment on how it compares, but the books are very detailed. I am no prude (not that being a prude is a bad thing (: ) but I wouldn’t want my teenager to read it.

    Rachel White

    I second what alphabetika said.

    Based on my attempt to listen to the audiobook, which I couldn’t get through due to sexual content, and my mom’s references to how explicit the book series is.

    You can find other material to teach about the Jacobites, the fight to get the Catholic king on the throne of a United England and Scotland, and the crackdown by England on the Scottish clan system, culminated in the horrific Battle if Culloden (?).

    Off the top of my head, Henty has a book about the Jacobite rebellion.

    It’s also featured prominently in Wilberforce’s fight in the parliament; the movie Amazing Grace has it in there.

    There’s Scotland’s Story from Yesterday’s Classics, but I don’t know the age level.


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