Outdoor Secrets Tracks? Digital Version Question!

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    Hi! We purchased the digital Outdoor Secrets. I’m wondering if anyone has a list of the start times for each of the stories so I can quickly navigate to where we need to be. Sometimes the book suggestions don’t line up and I have to skip around as my library gets them in for me. Anyone?



    Jordan Smith

    I’ll put a list of the times where each chapter starts below. If you’re listening to the m4a version of the audiobook (we give you the choice of downloading mp3 or m4a), that file has chapter markers in it that you can jump to in iTunes. To do that, start playing the audiobook and then go to the Chapters menu to select which chapter you want to jump to.

    Here’s a list of approximate starting times for each chapter:

    1. How the Apple Blossom Came Back (0:00)
    2. The Century-Plant’s Wish (3:28)
    3. The Uninvited Guest (9:23)
    4. What the Golden-Rod Did (15:04)
    5. The Horse Chestnut’s Name (19:21)
    6. A Rainy Day Sermon (25:57)
    7. The Selfish Salvia (31:11)
    8. Who Knocked? (36:02)
    9. A Disobedient Tree (41:50)
    10. The Bumblebee’s Mistake (47:52)
    11. A Brave Plant (54:25)
    12. The Sower (1:00:28)
    13. The Baby Plants’ Bed Coverings (1:06:05)
    14. A Family Quarrel (1:11:55)
    15. Two True Stories about Robins (1:18:12)
    16. The Idle Chipmunk (1:23:24)
    17. The Troubled Apple-Tree (1:28:56)


    Dear Jordan,

    For some reason, I was not getting notified of responses to my forum posts!

    Thank you so much for this!!!

    *High five*


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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