Outdoor Secrets CD Track titles

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  • Karen Brown

    Trying to use the Outdoor Secrets CD with the guide and using the seasonal schedule rather than the chronological order. The case does not list the track titles for the 2 discs. Could anyone list which tracks are on disc 1 and which are on disc 2?

    Tamara Bell

    Hi Karen,

    Disc 1:

    1. How the Apple Blossom Came Back

    2. The Century-Plant’s Wish

    3. The Uninvited Guest

    4. What the Golden-Rod Did

    5. The Horse Chestnut’s Name

    6. A Rainy Day Sermon

    7. The Selfish Salvia

    8. Who Knocked?

    9. A Disobedient Tree

    Disc 2:

    10. The Bumblebee’s Mistake

    11. A Brave Plant

    12. The Sower

    13. The Baby Plants’ Bed Coverings

    14. A Family Quarrel

    15. Two True Stories about Robins

    16. The Idle Chipmunk

    17. The Troubled Apple-Tree


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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