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    A long time ago I used Tapestry of Grace with my children ( I have 7 kiddos and am educating the last four as the first ones are off to college)and was completely overwhelmed by the load of information. I’ve been following the SCM curriculum guide and feel that I don’t have enough structure with that. I have been having the 9 year old read books that are recommended; he reads, we talk a bit about it, I ask a couple of questions but don’t really know if his responses are accurate because I haven’t read the book. Somehow I feel out of the loop and not really sure what he’s reading. Does anyone have some suggestions without me having to read multiple books each day?

    Thank you and blessings, Brooke



    Could you manage to read a spine book with the children? Something like Guerber? That may help you get more into the loop of what is being learned and help your son with accuracy as well.

    Also, if your son is interested in the book, I think you will find that his responses are accurate. When I have assigned a book that is either too hard or just way outside of a child’s interests, I get responses like, “I don’t understand a single thing that is going on.” Then, rather than not ever assigning these books again :), I try to read a couple of that genre to them before assigning another one (and then require very short readings at a time to begin with).

    Also, for younger ones doing oral narrations, I do not have big expectations regarding details. The timeline and map can bring continuity in that arena should we choose to use it. As they get older and begin to write their narrations, you can ask them to check accuracy as you read over their work. Some things will just be obvious to you (Abraham Lincoln was not the first president, etc!) You already know that your children will comb through history, for instance, more than once in their school career; they’ll get it.

    This was probably way over the top of what you were wanting!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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