Out of the Box Science for High School

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    Ok dd15 is completing Biology in her 9th grade year. Problem is she is not ready for Chemistry or Physics yet. She could do Human Anatomy but she is wanting to go to nursing school and planning to save this for her Senior year. So, I need a filler year. I need something she can do this year in 10th grade that wont be too heavy as she completes her Algebra 1 and Geometry. She really dislikes Earth Science, Astronomy courses, I think because we studied so much of this in earlier grades. So any creative ideas? We have done alot of interest led studies so I am not opposed to something along those lines but need a jumping off point.


    We used John Tiner’s Integrated Physics and Chemistry for my son’s freshman year. It’s like an intro course, without all the math of a traditional Chem course. My son liked it. It’s written narratively, like all of Tiner’s science. Check it out.



    A few ideas –

    My dd14 wants to learn about health, nutrition, paleo, alternative medicine, etc. I’m compiling a list of resources we have as a starting point. I’m going to let her design the plan as she goes and have her track what she does and narrate her way through.

    Is she interested in animals at all? DD took Equine Health from Landry Academy and liked it. They also offer vet science classes. Just a thought.

    What about a history of science course? I think Beautiful Feet has something like this, but it may be for younger kids. It might give you ideas, though.

    Check this site for wonderful book lists that might inspire you in some way – http://www.sabbath-mood-homeschool.com/search/label/High%20School%20Science

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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