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    Christie, how do you manage narrations?  Do you have them narrate immediately after reading?  Do you have them wait and do them all at once?  That’s a bit of a challenge for me in the mornings, being able to stop long enough to give full attention to a narration if they are coming every 15 mins or so with a narration.

    My youngest is going into third.  He’s an excellent reader, but still struggles with narration.  We are working with Aesop fables now and I’m getting more out of him (We take turns — he reads one for me to narrate, then I read one for him to narrate.  This way he hears an example of what I’m looking for).  I do not mind reading (or even buddy reading) the majority of his books. He’s not 8 until the summer.

    Older ds is going into 6th, but struggles with written assignments.  I wanted him to get a good start on oral narrations (he’s doing pretty well) and spend a good year on copy work to improve his printing skills before moving to any written narration.  My goal is one written narration per week during the 1st term next year, 2 second term and hopefully 3 third term.  We will continue with copy work and working on spelling wisdom. 

    This is only our first year, as I’ve said, so I don’t expect they will be quite at the level of a child who has been homeschooled from day one.  The older was behind his PS peers in many things, and the two boys are evenlly matched in skill, but not maturity.  It’s a bit of a balancing act where they are nearly 4 years apart age wise.

    Thanks for being so willing to share your plans and reasoning with us.  I’m really learning to think differently about some things.


    I’ve been tweaking our checklist over the past few days. I seem to do this a lot. However, I think this one might just work long term or at least as long as we do 3 weeks on and 1 off, which will be for the forseeable future.

    3 Week Mini Term Checklist

    Basically, I made a list of ALL work (w/ detail) in our 3 week mini-term with checkboxes. We check off or circle lesson numbers as they are complete. Each week of the mini-term is color-coded. I don’t care really which day the things are done even though we have a schedule of what to do when. I’m simply looking for the simplest way to keep track of our learning. This means I will have 4 sheets of paper per kid per term and 12 for the year. That works for me!Smile

    The CMO here is terrific, but I am trying to spend less time on my computer each day and found I was easily distracted when I’d go on to check something.

    Just thought I’d share in case it’s helpful.



    Thanks for sharing all your charts Christie. I’m a planning junkie too. =) My charts are very simple and working for us for now since I only have one young student and we still do many things together, but I’ve often thought about how we might need to organize things differently when I have multiple students who are doing more independent work and trying to keep track of it all. The CMO isn’t an option for us since we don’t always have reliable internet access where we live overseas. (And I totally hear you about needing to spend less time online and not more!)



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