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    I’m wondering if anyone knows of other products that are similar to Keepers of the Faith, I just want to make sure I consider all the options before choosing, if there are any other options. 🙂

    Thank you


    Amy Lu

    We just choose the handiworks that we are interested in and then try to find someone in our community that teaches it. We start by looking for someone in our church (we go to a large church) and then look into community centers, ask friends if they know anyone, etc. etc. I feel like we are putting down roots in our community at the same time.

    I just love that through knitting our daughter had developed some friendships with some “Wiser” women at our church (grandmas).

    CM mom

    There is a cute, vintage handwork book online here:

    Lots of projects!


    Book: The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule


    We have used the photography guide froom 4H.  You do not have to be in a club to order their materials and they have a wide variety of topics, all hands on activites.  They are well-done and inexpesive. We are also working through the Health and Fitness books.


    I’d be interested in hearing what you went with Jessica!  I’ve been wanting to find sometime to teach homemaking skills as well as a character curriculum for girls – looking at polished cornerstones as well as the Keepers club handbook and then even well into the distance – Training your daughters to be Keepers at Home – my four girls are still little 6 and under. 


    I like Life Skills for Kids by Christine Field. it is a great book for a variety of life skills and is geared to toddlers – about age 12. It’s more of a reference than a curriculum, but I’ve found it helpful.

    For handicrafts, I haven’t found one specific reference, but use many different resources, just as previous posters mentioned.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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