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    Hi Ladies, We have a little artist in the house that just LOVES to draw, paint, color,craft, etc. We used to give her copier paper and let her go to town but that got to be a bit much too fast…paper was everywhere, All.The.Time. Now we give her notebooks to draw/doodle in.

    However, we now have notebooks FULL of her doodles. I usually don’t have a problem purging and getting rid of things. I am having a hard time getting rid of them. Maybe it’s sentiment, maybe it’s because I want to capture childhood, maybe it’s because I love everything she does or perhaps all of the above. We live in a very small home so keeping them all is not an option.

    Just curious to see what you all do with artwork and your oodles of doodles? Thanks!


    For loose paper I gave them each a plastic box they can put all their artwork in and when it’s full they have to choose which pieces to get rid of. Often they will take pictures of them before throwing away.


    My middle kiddo is extremely crafty and we’ve done similar to the above poster. We let the pictures and crafts pile up until it drives me crazy and then I make her sort through them. We send some to grandparents and aunts and uncles, the rest we recycle. The pieces that I keep for her school portfolio get put into a box and filed away with the other school papers.


    Love that idea!!! That really takes the “horror” of me getting rid of their work. When the box is full it’s in their court to do something about it. Great suggestions. Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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