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    Thought I’d start a new thread since my question/concerns have a slightly different focus. I’m 37 and have struggled with weight gain over the last ten years or so due to diet and lack of consistent exercise. Baby number 4 is due in Jan. and I have actually done a good job with controlling(managing?) the pregnancy weight gain. But I know that the real battle will be after delivery when I am breastfeeding. I breastfed our other 3 dc past one year, but had the most ravenous (is that the right word?) appetite the entire time. I have read that many women lose weight/inches while nursing babies, but my scales always stayed the same or read higher b/c I would just eat too much. On the positive side, my babies were all healthy and I never had trouble with milk supply. I want to have a successful breastfeeding experience for this baby too, but I don’t look forward to the perpetually hungry feeling. I want to mention that my sister was this way also, but she enjoys exercise much more than I do and doesn’t bake cookies as often as I do. So does anyone have suggestions for healthy, filling snacks and lunches? Breakfast that is pretty quick to prepare? Tips on Mom’s good eating habit formation? We have had gardens in the past, but haven’t really started one here at this house. So starting one is in the plans, but once summer temps reach 100, I stay inside! I wish I had planted some fall crops like carrots and garlic in my little raised bed. Anyway, thank you in advance for encouragement and ideas. I really appreciate this forum and you all!


    Hi Bethanna.  Your right, your body will burn up to 500 calories in the process of making milk.  Your body is working hard and you will be hungry.  My best advice would be to try to have any extra caleries come from good sorces of protien and complex carbohydrates (fruits and veggies) and don’t forget the healthy fats.  The hardest thing really is to simply be mindful of what we are eating.  How many time do we go throughout the day popping a little of this and a little of that in our mouths without thinking?  I know, i do it all the time.  If that grazzing is not the most nutritianally dence foods, and it most likely is not, then our bodies will still be hungry for the nutrients it needs to make milk and function with a little more work involved with having a new baby.

    I’m not much of a breakfast person so in the summer time it is usually a fruit and keifer smoothy.  Now that it cold I don’t like waking up to a cold smoothy, so I have eggs, bacon, sausage, or occasianaly oatmeal with dried fruit mixed in.  You might be thinking, wow that’s fattening, but it is rich in protien and has healthy fats your body needs, exspecially now that you are feeding another with your body.  Moderation is the key to most things in life.

    Salad, sandwiches, soups, leftover are great lunches and made with yummy healthy ingreadients should satisfy your tummy as well. 

    Fruits, veggies, sandwiches, and boiled eggs make great snacks. 

    Just remember to try to be mindful of what you put in your mouth and make sure it is full of the nutrients your body needs at this time.  HTH.


    Smoothies both veggie (green ones) and fruit.  Raw nuts, make cookies with almond flour instead of white/wheat.  Remember that although fruit is great it is still full of natural fructose sugar and you have to eat it in moderation.  The exceptions would be berries (strawberry, blueberry, etc) and for apples the lowest one is the granny smith apple.  Going back to the grains remember wheat is better than white in flours, pastas, etc.  In our house the rule is one treat (cookie etc) to one veggie, fruit snack.  That way I don’t overdue the unhealthy snacks and forget the healthy ones.  LOTS of water don’t forget to drink water.  Olives, are also a great quick bite snack.  Good luck I am still trying to get to my ideal weight but I am getting there slowly.  And I know exercise even with a baby you can do some simple things.  Just make it a habit and it will become easier each day.


    I was always soooo hungry nursing. And I had trouble with let-down, so I had to keep chocolate on hand. Not sure if it was the calories, or just the comfort…but it did the trick! Here is what worked for me:


    Smoothies (if your blender isn’t too loud for new baby!) OR

    Natural Protein shake like Spirutein

    Boiled Eggs

    Old Fashioned oatmeal sweetened with Agave nectar

    Protein bars if we were on the go

    Ezekiel Toast with butter or all natural jelly

    Lunch: I eat all veggies at lunch, and this helps with speed AND calories. So soup, salad, beans (if baby can handle it)…add in a few nuts or some cheese for protein. If you are really hungry add some whole grain crackers or toast.

    V-8 – not the fruity, sugary kind! Anything nutritous that you can DRINK is great while you are nursing. You need lots of liquids.

    Raw almonds or walnuts, fruit for a snack.

    Watch the white sugar and white bread and pasta, and use a healthy oil (olive, coconut, etc.) whenever possible.

    Don’t deny yourself or you will pig out – I know I did!! And take it easy on yourself. A healthy diet and stress relieving movement (like walking, stretching, a slower paced workout video) is good while you are nursing.

    Take care of yourself so that you can take care of that precious baby!


    Thank you for the responses. I will have to write these down in my grocery notebook.


    Ha! And I don’t know how old I am! I actually won’t be 37 until right before baby’s due date. Baby’s got my brain! 🙂

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