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    TailorMade – I’m sorry I missed this before. 

    Within your color coded system, do you shelve books by title or author within a time period, or topic? I’m going back through these posts and I’m sure I’ve missed this info.

    Within sections, I go by author’s last name. My history books are by time period and then author.

    I’ve sorted through untold numbers of books this weekend. We pulled at least half of the books out of our building and the other half will be out over the next day, or two. Painting and shelving are soon to follow. I’ve sorted into categories. Literature will be shelved by author’s last name Dewey style. The others are posing a problem for me if I don’t follow Dewey.

    Literature (fiction) is by author’s last name. Historical fiction is shelved with history.

    Is Bookpedia only for Mac users? If so, alternative suggestions?

    I use and love Bookpedia, but have used Delicious Library before, too. I prefer Bookpedia. However, I think both may be Mac only. I’m sorry, I have been away from PCs for so long, I don’t know those programs.

    I know Michelle Miller’s database will run in excel, but it isn’t as much for tracking borrowing in my understanding.

    Christie, do you put scientists in their historical time period, or with their research topic?

    I’ve put them in both. I put them with history IF we are planning to include them in our studies (ie. any listed in the SCM modules or in my pulling from AO and elsewhere). Otherwise they are with the science topics. 


    BTW, my library isn’t finished. I may be old before I get it all just the way I want. 





    Thanks, Christie. I went back through this thread earlier today and found I’d missed the answers to most of my questions…blushing.

    I have Michelle’s database, but I’m not sure I’m using it correctly. I’ll have to work with it a bit over the holidays.

    I’m thinking I’ll be much older before it actually opens. ;0) I decided to color code it to make it easier for us to use for the rest of the years we are homeschooling. It will be similar to your library, but I’m sure I’ll shift it according to our needs several times before it fits.

    Thanks again, b

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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