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    Ok, I keep buying books at library sales, etc… and I am really loosing track – even though I try hard….

    I need to organize books – both I guess with a program or spreadsheet or something… but also physically.  I did use an online program for a bit (a free one) to enter my books in – but never got everything in.  I liked a few things about it, but was frustrated with a few things too.  So need to think on that.  (I don’t remember which one it was… lol)

    Physically – I’m wondering a bit. A lot of the books are bought from the library, so they actually have the Dewey Decimal numbers on them… but not all our books of course… not sure if that would be a good way to go….  

    Or I’m thinking using coloured Dots (from office stores) to organize…  thinking here – maybe one colour for History / Historical Fiction that is in the CM modules – with me writing the number of the module on the dot… then another colour for History / Historical Fiction that is NOT in the CM modules – with me writing the number of the module it would fit into…?    Then another colour for Science (can write on something more helpful) and another colour for Literature?

    My worry about doing it to the CM modules… is we have done 3 years of homeschool, and have worked on 4 different history plans (not including the plan I made on my own but we didn’t start.) – although with doing it with the CM modules, at least they would be organized roughly chronologically….

    Any other suggestions?


    I would use the colored dots system.  I would just put one color for each time period and maybe writh the module that they would fit into.  


    We have one bookshelf unit for each topic.  One unit is for science and has them organized by topic according to Apologia Exlporing Creation books, which is same as Creation Days.  Bottom shelf is for Days 1 – 4 with general science.  Next shelf is humans and health and inventions.  Next shelf is zoology 3 Land animals.  Next shelf has zoology 1 and 2 with flying creatures and swimming creatures.  My children remember which book shelf they got it from.  The order does not matter as long as it gets back on the right shelf.

    I did something similar with another bookshelf unit and assigned a time period, or module, per shelf.  Another bookshelf has art, music, Presidents of USA, and classic literature all on their own shelves.  Another bookshelf unit has reference, geography, missions and Bible on their own shelves. 

    This has worked for our family so far.  But the problem with going to all of these wonderful book sales is finding room for them once your shelf is full.   That is my problem right now.  So I am debating about putting some of the books which are more for older students in the closet for now. 

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