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    I as I said before have dial up and can’t watch the little videos.. If I am putting in a book/workbook that has chapters and want to asign chapter 1-1 Monday 1-2 Tuesday etc. So it’s week 1 day 1.

    What is the best way to do this?

    Sonya Shafer

    If you are adding in your own book that has chapters, you would click Add a Resource on the Scheduler page, enter the book’s title and tell it that the divisions are called “Chapter.” Click “Add Division” to enter the chapter numbers and names, then save and schedule the resource.

    In the Scheduler you would assign it to the appropriate student or Family, select the subject, method, and starting date (or where you want to put it in relation to another book in queue), and select which days of the week you want to use it.

    On the date you selected to start it, the book will show up in your Daily Plan with the first chapter showing as the assignment. You just click whether you worked on it or finished it that day. If you finished it, the assignment will roll up and the next chapter will take its place.

    So you don’t tie a specific chapter to a specific day. The Organizer is set up to show you what’s next to do, and you just click it off as you get it done. You may have in your mind a certain pace that you want to keep, but if something happens that changes that pace you won’t have to go in and change everything in the Organizer. It will just keep feeding you the next assignment whenever you’re ready for it.

    Does that make sense, or did I chase a bunny?



    Thank you for taking the time to respond yes I do understand. I want to add a division for each day. Also, will these resources be there for me each year? So I don’t have to re-enter each year the same book. So if my 3rd grader is reading a book I will want to use next year with my now 2nd grader.. it will be there next year and I can just add it with out all the input? That would be great!! And make this program all that much more worth it.



    Yes, once you do it it’ll be there for you next time. I really enjoyed this feature this year, as I assigned a few things to son #2 that I had entered in last year for son #1.

    Michelle D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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