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    Fun find: DIY website for kids. Think “online girl/boy scouts” complete with badges/patches that can be earned. My kids have been enjoying this site for over a month on a regular basis. I have it on our weekly homeschooling schedule. I love the way it is set up and how it has encouraged my kids to try new things as well as focus on areas they already enjoy. Here is a link to my daughter’s account to show you some of the projects she has done: (oh and did I mention it was free?)  Once your child competes three projects under any specific “skill” they qualify for a badge.  This you can choose to order (for $4 plus the price of a stamp).  The badges arrive in a few days.  They also have the option of signing up for a set fee where you can get unlimited badges each month but this is not cost effective for us as my kids are not earning badges quickly enough to make that a cheeper option than just purchasing them as they earn them.  

    They have an app for your phone or tablet which makes it really easy for your kids to upload their photos or videos of their finished projects.

    Has anyone else tried this site?

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