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  • I have two different teaching times with my 3 daughters. Even though my older daughters are doing high school work while my youngest is in elementary, I am would like to do our school together. Do you think that one room schoolhouse idea is possible even though the girls are so far apart? It would be so much fun learning together.

    Currently we are using MFW Ancients for high school & MFW CtG (Creation to Greeks)with my youngest. The girls are studying the same time period already.

    I like the simpicity I saw in the Module 1 sample by Sonya and even though I already have school materials (MFW) I am inspired by the one room schoolhouse idea in the guide.

    How do you do your one room schoolhouse?

    I was looking at Simply Charlotte Mason free curriculum guide and the example schedules. The daily schedule here helped me to see time blocks and family blocks so that I can plan our own one room schoolhouse. I am excited to make a similiar plan for our day.

    Because the high schoolers are self-directed, I would love to have all of us working on hymns, nature studies, art, poetry, etc. together.


    I do not have a highschooler, but my oldest is much more independent than my 2 younger dc.  Those are the subjects (when we do them) that we always do together, as well as certain read alouds (character/Bible/history).  We also listen to audio books together while we’re out that appeal to all 3.  I do try to have my oldest in whatever room we’re in (as long as he’s not completely distracted by his bros.) so that we are not separated for too long.  HTH


    We do most of our schooling together – and while I no longer have older kids in the house, we did for a bit( lol – we “borrowed” my friends two kids for a while and homeschooled with them due to her work schedule)  and we continued doing it the way I had with the youngers. 

    We have our family subjects first, and then move onto independent work. 

    Our Scripture memory is always together, along with bible study, History, Science, Literature, Either studying through Proverbs and Psalms or work on their Awanas books, Biblical History, Gym, Nature Study, hymn study, poetry, music study, and art classes. 

    For independent work, it’s a mixture of mother directed and independent depending on the assignment and the age of the child.  We do Math, Copywork, Spelling(we use the McGuffy reader instead of dictation), assigned reading(they read a book of my choosing, or  if they cannot read, I read to them), Piano Lessons, begining reading for the youngers (I have them practice reading to me), English, Language, Additional Science reading for my older kids,….I think that may be it.


    I use what Winter Ponies suggested to plan out our terms.  Works great!  Hope that was helpful!


    Winter Ponies, welcome to the SCM Discussion forum.

    Much of our family learning happens around meals. We like to do our Bible, hymns, and Scripture Memory at breakfast. Lunch is our literature time. We do our Charlotte Mason inspired studies (picture, composer, nature studies) right before dinner as we wait for Daddy to get home. We also do a group art project or science experiment together once or twice a week in the evening…usually the night dh is out of town for work. By using these natural family time blocks (mealtimes) for our together subjects, we are able to be consistent and less interruptive to our independent studies.

    Happy Homeschooling.


    Thank you all for sharing. Before we started using MFW, we would have more family learning times. Recently with using a new curriculum this year, our learning has been independent of one another. I would like to incorportate artist/poetry/nature study (SCM)and use the art/composer study in MFW for the whole family. I am shaping our high school MFW Ancients to work with MFW CtG in a way so that all the girls can hear the book Streams to Civilazation read aloud and we can work with group narrations. Also the science is weak in MFW CtG so I am having my older daughter help with science projects to do with everyone. Today she is using her Geometry to design a pyramid that is the right angle as the Cheop’s Pyramid. There are several books in the younger MFW package that would be fun for the older girls and vice versa (Unlocking the Pyramids). Instead of opening my MFW plans and doing school in the order written, yesterday I wrote out on a piece of paper what we could do “together” from both plans. My dh bought me this week (surprise gift) the Bible on Audio (the really cool one with sound effects and its NKJV). I can play our readings from the Old Testament Challenge (we are reading through the entire Old Testament in MFW Ancients) so everyone can hear it. I love the Time Block concept and the phrase “mother directed study” for independent learniing.

    After wanting to revamp all of our homeschool plans, I felt a tug in my heart from the Lord telling me to stick with MFW and to prepare my lessons with opportunities to learn together and bring in some beauty with nature, art, and music studies.

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