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  • I have an old book that I believe to be written by “the” Charlotte Mason.  I can’t find any info about it online. I e-mailed a few Charlotte Mason “experts”  over a month ago as well as the Armitt Library and no response of any kind from anyone.

    Where can in get some help about this book?  Anyone know?  Sonya?

    Richele Baburina


    Charlotte Mason’s middle name was Marie – does that help?

    What is the book’s title and who was it published by?



    Doug Smith

    Tell us a bit about the book and we’ll see if we or anyone else here knows anything about it. Start with the title and information on the title page. It’s also helpful to know if there any dates or inscriptions written in it to help place the timeframe.

    I cannot find much of anything on the publisher either and have not seen a copy of it online or elsewhere nor had the person I purchased it from.

    The cover says :  Peter the Fisherman

    Charlotte Mason

    Inside the title page says:  Little Dot Series

    Peter the Fisherman

    By Charlotte Mason

    Author of “A Friend for Little Children”


    The religious Tract Society

    56 Paternoster Row, and 65 St. Paul’s Churchyard

    The last page of the story has in small letter at the bottom:

    Butler & Tanner,  The Selwood Printing Works, Frome, and London

    The last page of the story is followed by several pages of ads for books and such that the Religious Tract Society produces.

    It is not dated anywhere.

    Hubby and I searched a bit after the purchase and found the dates of the publisher fit to Charlottes lifetime.  We found out the publisher use to be in London and then was moved to the US.  They published mostly magazines with stories in them. 

    We found almost nothing about the Little Dot Series though we could locate a few other books in the series by different authors online

    I concluded that possibly this was printed in their magazines as a series and then they put it out as a complete book.  It has 6 chapters.

    The bookseller I purchased this from said almost nothing is avaliable about he publisher and he could not find out anything about the book and had never seen one before.

    He gave me the history of the book itself as follows.

    A very well to do older lady had a very large collection of books in her home.  There was a fire in her home and some of the books sufferend water damage.  After throwing away the water damaged books she decided to go through the other books and get rid of a large amount of thema, the he came to own a large part of the collection, this book included.

    Any information you may know or be able to find out would be so helpful to me.  Even if it is not her book it is still a beautiful book with an interesting history!

    I know often her material was listed as Charlotte M Mason and sometimes not this only says Charlotte Mason though it does say author of A Friend for Little Children.

    I thought I read some where online about A Friend for Little Children, but then when I looked again I didn’t find anything.

    I can take some pictures of it if need be.


    Doug Smith

    It would be great to check out the writing style if you take some photos or type in some of the text.

    I did some Google searching and here’s what I found. (Hint: put quotes around search words to search on the phrases, i.e., “Charlotte Mason”.)

    I found a mention of the book in a publication called The Dial, A Monthly Journal of Current LiteraturePlublished by A. C. McClurg & Co., Chicago, May, 1888.

    It was really a listing for another book but mentioned A Friend for Little Children.

    Alma Ryan; or, Steadfast and True By Charlotte Mason, author of  “A Friend for Little Children,” etc. 12mo pp. 256. Robt. Carter & Bros $1.25

    I then searched on Alma Ryan and found more listings.

    The American Bookseller, A semi-monthly journal, Jan-July 1889

    Alma Ryan; or, Steadfast and True, is a pretty story of the life of a young girl, the daughter of the vicar of an English parish, who succeeded in making herself of great help to all around her, and whose life was as happy and bright as it was noble. It is by Charlotte Mason, who is a new but charming writer for girls, and will prove very widely popular. (Robert Carter & Bros.)

    Book News, A monthly survey of general literature, Sept 1890 to Aug 1891

    Alma Ryan; or, Steadfast and Trueby Charlotte MasonFrom the Closing-Out Sale of Robert Carter & Bros.

    British books in print, J. Whitaker & Sons, A list of Walter Scott’s Publications, Sept 1888

    By Charlotte MasonAlma Ryan; or, Steadfast and True

    So, nothing conclusive but it might give you some more ideas to search. BTW, Sonya said that she checked timeline and the list of CM’s writings in The Story of Charlotte Mason, and neither mention it.

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