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  • I have a 4 year old and I am wondering how many books at a time should I be reading from to her a day?  we are doing kindergarten this year.  We are reading from Winnie-the-pooh {1 page a day} and Aesop’s Fables for Children: Includes a Read-and-Listen CD {1 story a day}, should I be reading a living geography and a living History book to her each day also? Dont want to confuse her. 


    No, you don’t need to be covering formal “subjects” with her yet at 4.  Read enjoyable books.  Go outside a lot.  Have fun.  You can start “subjects” when she is older.  If it comes up in your reading (for example, you read Make An Apple Pie and See the World) then you can for fun look those places up a little, but in a fun way, not a “let’s do school” way. 

    Thanks Bookworm! She is so ready for school, she tells me she cant wait for the next day.  We are learning our numbers, and she knows the alphabet and sounds and is wanting to learn how to read.  



    Agree with Bookworm. Charlotte didn’t recommend beginning formal lessons until age 6. Before then, she recommended tons of good books read aloud, lots of outdoor time and nature study, and habit training. These will go such a long way for you and your dd when you do begin formal lessons. If she does have an interest in reading, teach her; but as soon as she gets frustrated or loses attention, stop the lesson. You definitely don’t want to force anything at such a young age.



    Thank you Lindsey, great advice.  I dont want to push her, I want her to have a LOVE for school because I know I did not enjoy it growing up, I think Charlotte Masons Methods change the world with living books.  I read to my daughter about 3 -4 books a day and we play outside from 10-until dinner pretty much.  She loves playing outdoors, and before our reading in the morning we go outside for a walk and every friday is our Nature Walk fridays where we go on a field-trip for nature walks somehwere new. 


    Is this your only child now? My dd started reading at age 3, because she tagged along to her older brother’s lessons. Even though she was playing, she still soaked it up and was ready to read early. I did not force it on her, but she does love books. She loves to read the Biscuit series books about the puppy. But, we started with short vowel phonics books in Hooked on Phonics level k, which I also used for her older brother. Maybe I did too much for her age, but I also had her older brother to teach. I would read a whole story of Winnie-the-Pooh per day and they would act out the scene with their Pooh bear and friends stuffed animals. I think you could read a few times per day, but don’t think of it in terms of “subjects”, but good literature you both enjoy together.


    I’ve read to my children daily since I brought them home from the hospital, and they love books!  My daughter, now 6, enjoyed listening to chapter books when she was your daughter’s age and frequently “became” the characters we read about.  She asked questions about words she did not understand and talked about the events and people in the books.  I assumed that since she had such a great grasp on comprehension, and she knew her letters and sounds, she would learn to read early and easily.  That has not turned out to be true.  She is not necessarily struggling in learning to read, but we are taking it slowly.  I still read to her – lots!  I’m just sharing this in case you end up in the same boat.  Keep reading books that you both enjoy, but don’t worry about forging ahead too quickly.  Enjoy these years!


    I have 2 children Sarah, my 4 1/2 year old girl and a 25 month old boy.  Ive been reading to them both for a long time, but my daughter wanted to start school so we started last week.  Ive been teaching her to read because she told me she wanted to.  She knows all her letters/sounds/recognition and can read some words like cat/hat/sat/bat/mat/ I just didnt know how many books I shoudl read from a day to not confuse her  of if that mattered? 


    If you’ve not read the Early Years book that SCM publishes, i HIGHLY recommend it. (here’s the link so you don’t have to hunt around for it: It’s a compilation of CM’s actual thoughts and ideas on what to do with little ones. One of those finds I wish I had read in the beginning. =) I’ve realized now that I started doing too much ‘academic stuff’ too soon with my dd when she was 3-4 (before I discovered CM). Reading the Early Years book helped me to relax alot about what we did/are doing for these preschool/kindergarten years, and also to recognize that learning can take place all the time, apart from formal academics. That’s not to say that doing a little bit of reading and math with a 4.5 year old who is asking for it is a bad thing, but keep it light, keep it fun, don’t push too hard, and don’t feel bad if you a hit a wall after awhile and need to stop and try again when she is a little older. (We ‘hit walls’ several times in reading and handwriting even though she showed signs of readiness, but relaxing our approach to these made a huge difference. She now at age 6 is doing quite well on both fronts.)

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